The Ocean and The Artist

As we slowly enter the autumn season, I realize how long it has been since my last post.  The world has turned happily over the past several weeks with many wonderful happenings and experiences.  The leaves have begun to show their colors, the evenings are beginning to feel crisp, and thoughts of an upcoming trip to the ocean are timed perfectly.

Simplifying Tip - The Library

Ok, I tried three times to take photos of the revamped Guest Room for my Part 2 post and due to the location of the room, the lighting, and the dreary rainy weather, it has really been a challenge.  Interior photography has not been a comfortable style for me so it is a work in progress.  Let's just say I am VERY pleased with the outcome and will share that as quickly as I can.

5 Tips To Prep For Fall Baking

With all of the cleaning, organizing, and downsizing taking place at our home on Birchwood Lane, I have found myself thinking about chillier days and autumn baking.  Maybe it was the sorting and purging of unnecessary kitchen supplies and tools?  Perhaps I am just missing using my oven during these warm summer months?  Or maybe I am just ready for some cooler days and filling a clean house with warm rich scents that come from baking?  Believe me, it may sound a ways off but the seasonal change will happen before we know it!

Seeking Minimalism

Have you discovered the movement towards living a "minimalist" lifestyle?  How intrigued are you by the premise that living with less reduces stress, provides for more time, and allows you the opportunity to better experience every minute of every day?

Capturing Frozen Blackberries

Ever since I noticed an image of "frosted" berries on Pinterest awhile ago, I was determined to capture this process.  Having no idea whether there was a special trick or technique, I figured I would just follow my gut instincts and see if I could reproduce the effect.