Do you love stunning photography? 

Are you captured by beautiful images on blogs, in magazines, on Pinterest, in cookbooks, coffee table design books, or Instagram?? 

If you are like me, you could spend hours gazing at gorgeous photography, studying the many creative styles, colors, and lighting in the images.  Are you constantly planning trips to explore antique shops for the newest, most perfect vintage prop that will be the icing on the cake of the next photo shoot?  Do you enjoy dreaming up new backdrops and sketching a still life composition that you just can't wait to shoot?

Me Too!!  .

These and so many other reasons are the focus for creating


Not just a gallery of images but a collection of creative endeavors and projects that are sure to inspire you.  I want to become your source of inspiration for all things still life photography and to generate new sparks of creativity for your own personal creative pursuits.  As a self-taught photographer, my mind is constantly developing ideas for the next still life shoot and having the opportunity to be the "Creative Director" in all aspects of the vision is not only exciting but also provides a chance to document the process and share the steps with you. 

From start to finish, there is a plan.  With this plan comes learning, creative success, surprises, and all of the joy that creating art provides.  


If you are developing your own creative skills and processes, I am delighted you are here!  It is my goal to share the details of my journey with the hope that you will find inspiration, support, and knowledge you can take on your creative journey.  Please contact me to share your story as I would love to know more about you and your creative projects!  

Follow along with me and let's creatively support each other every step of the way.


" You cannot create art for others until

you are truly delighted by the art you create for yourself "

--- Joan Marie

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