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A Soft Farewell

A Soft Farewell

I discovered blogging back in 2010.  It was the most amazing experience to find such incredible talent and wonderful people on the internet.  The blogs I found spurred me to flex my creative muscles and take on some DIY challenges.  I loved the format and conversation and began following so many that my interest in starting my own blog began to grow.  

Over the years, I researched various online platforms, styles, etc. and landed on this Squarespace site.  I started taking photographs and tried my hand at writing which led to creating my first post.  I dabbled with furniture re-dos, DIYs, and even started a small kitchen towel business.  It was an incredible ride and when I started to get "followers", I was over the moon!!

Online friendships blossomed, conversations and interacting on blogs grew, and the momentum was moving full throttle......and then.....

....like a little ghost that snuck into my head....the path did not seem so bright and straightforward.  The blog topics for new posts seemed elusive and empty....the blogging energy and enthusiasm was slowing slipping away.  The one constant that did remain steadfast was my love of picture taking, staging photo shoots, and editing the final images.

That realization was the driving factor in my thought process....

Blogging has changed so much since 2010 and I am not entirely sure I like the changes.  I am not a big social media person and adding ads, monetization, and subscriber email list building felt foreign. It was enough on my plate to develop a post let alone an email newsletter! 

Now, please don't get me wrong....I fully understand the importance of these things for those that fully engage with their blogs and how a living needs to be earned.  I really so get it.  It is just not for me.

The reason I have titled this post a "Soft Farewell" is that I am not planning to leave my URL www.joanmariecompany.com or my email joan@joanmariecompany.com but am going to transition to where my heart is happiest with my future plans....I will be changing the blog to a portfolio format to purely showcase all of the photo shoots I have planned.  I am going to focus on my photography.  A place I can direct (hopefully - fingers crossed) potential clients to see my work.  My own personal photography exhibition if you will.

  Having had the chance to do some commercial photography with the company I work for and with the upcoming art gallery exhibit I was chosen for, my priorities have shifted significantly.

Not only did priorities shift but so did my focus moving forward into commercial photography.  I am going to work my ass off to grow my skills and get published in a magazine.  I am going to explore product photography and helping businesses with the photographic needs.  I am going to shoot for the moon....if I don't try I will regret this for the rest of my life.

This site will change significantly over the next several months moving to a portfolio format and the blog will no longer be active - I will keep it up during the transition but will no longer post.  I realize this will cause many of you to lose interest but I accept and respect that.  I just wish to be open and honest with each of you as you are all wonderful and have been such huge supporters over the last couple of years.  I didn't just want to "fall off the blog map" without explanation!

I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart and will continue to follow you and your blogs faithfully.  This will also provide more time for me to visit and comment on your amazing blogs like I used to do.  I look forward to your stories, photos, and inspiration so plan on hearing more from me on your sites!

As always, my email door is open and if you like, please leave a comment below.  Your words have and always will mean the world to me.  Take care my friends and I will be in touch with each of you very very soon.

Much love and thanks to each of you,




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