I'm Back in a New Home

Hello Everyone! 

I hope you are all well and rested from the holidays - I've missed you!

Welcome to my new online home. 

Having enjoyed some time with family and friends, many hours of reflective thoughts, and good old-fashioned hard work, I am opening the front door of my newly remodeled website home to graciously welcome you in.

Along with a change in creative website focus, I chose a more streamlined design look and feel that better suits the direction of my passion....Photography..  

Starting with a quick tour of the new site, the first area I wish to point out is the new logo...


I can't tell you how many years I have wanted to officially "brand" myself and website, products, etc. and spent countless hours searching through billions of designs.  Since hiring a custom branding designer was cost prohibitive, a pre-made logo was the optimum solution.

The process for finding the new logo was pretty extensive and will require another post to fully explain the process as well as show the design style options I have with this one!  Stay tuned for that!

Next up on the tour, on the HOME page, you will see three new sections: 

Blog Roll, Favorites, and Tutorials

The Blog Roll page is pretty self explanatory but let me explain why I included this. 


On my first trips into the vast prairie of blogging sites many years ago, I quickly discovered the blog rolls and was guided to so many other sites that I love to visit.  These lists opened the flood gates of blog beauty awareness and I started bookmarking like crazy! 

I still visit many of these blogs today and friendships have developed over the years.  I think Blog Rolls are invaluable and have noticed that many newer sites do not include them.  Maybe it's old school, but I love how they have helped me and am going to continue them on this site.  I tried thinking of a new title for the list but in the end, I just stuck with what works.  

Be sure to visit the Blog Roll section as you will be delighted in a new site "find" and start bookmarking like crazy too.  Your Welcome!

Next up is the Favorites page. 


The reason for creating this section is that over the past couple of months, I have been organizing a timeline for my upcoming photography exhibition in August 2018 at a local art gallery and am developing a love of matting and framing.  Throughout the research of archival methods and hands-on, I have discovered the most incredible tools, information, and advice.  The Favorites page will include information links I believe you will enjoy too! 

Preparing for an exhibition has many moving parts and I have learned so much.  Not only will blog posts break this process down, but the Favorites section will also be a guide to finding even more information on this and many other subjects.  This list is not an affiliate marketing list but simply recommendations that just have to be shared.  Be sure to check this often as this list will be ever-growing and evolving over the upcoming months.

The third section, Tutorials, is going to have a slightly different focus than what you would expect. 


Rather than me spending time away from doing what I love to do and attempting to create an effective tutorial for you, this will be a resource library of links that I have found and that have helped me in my pursuits.  This link list will include videos, articles, and awesome eye candy.  I envision this page to fill rapidly with links over the next several weeks with tutorials that I have personally tried and love.  Be sure to check this page often too! 

To tie it all together, the About page will provide you with information on the premise of my creativity, this site's purpose, and me!  Yes, an updated photo of me will be included soon - I am happier behind the camera than in front of it so bear with me.  I have also outfitted this page with a nice CONTACT form if you wish to reach out directly.  I read every single solitary email I receive and will reply as quickly as possible - I promise!  

(As an aside, for those of you who were following along with me in the past, I wanted to share that my hair is completely, totally, naturally platinum white....growing out the many years of brown hair color was an experience to say the least and the results will be shown soon...)

To round out the tour, I have included the Blog page.  Time away from blogging was an eye-opener in that I was able to develop a strong focus with content that will benefit you as well as to document my creative development.  Please consider signing up in the SUBSCRIBE box at the bottom of the page if you have not already done so to receive update emails on new posts.  This page has me super excited for you with the new content focus I have planned! 

I adore your comments on the blog posts and appreciate every one of them - I know life gets busy and our time to browse our favorite blogs can be limited but if you have a minute, I would be happy to hear your thoughts. 

Thank you for visiting the new Joan Marie Photography site and sharing your time with me.  This is just the tip of the iceberg and I am so happy, anxious, and most of all excited to share what's next.  I believe you will be delighted with all I have planned for us.

Looking so forward to hearing from you Friends!

Joan Marie

PS....next up, "The When, Where, and How I found my new logo"