When, Where, and How I Found My New Logo

As I mentioned in my last post, finding and securing a logo for my business and website has been an ongoing struggle.  There are mountains of options available at every price point and knowing when the ideal design is found can be tricky at best.

I started the search with two main trains of thought.  The first was I knew I wanted a clean, black and white design.  I was not interested in logos that had hand drawings or colors incorporated into them.  The design had to be classic and clean as well as to closely align with my  photography style.  I also knew I wanted my logo "premade" meaning that I didn't have to edit the design in Photoshop to add my information.  Additionally, I had to decide if having a "one of a kind"  design or OOAK was vital for me and in the end it was not due to using my name and incorporating the simplicity of design I focused on.  

You will want to also consider all of the areas that your logo will be used outside of your online home.  Will you use it on printed material?  If so, aside from business cards, what other shapes and sizes of marketing items will you have?  Very important considerations as I also discovered that whatever logo design I chose it would have to work for the website, printed marketing materials, and as a photo watermark when needed.  This would mean that I would require a .png file (transparent background) as well as a .jpg file.

If you choose to invest in working with a branding company that will design a complete line for you, there are so many wonderful people to work with.  As this was cost prohibitive for me, I turned to Etsy.  Etsy has served me well on many occasions and it was a chance for me to support other creatives in the industry.

Using simple Etsy searches such as, "Premade logo", "Photography Logo", and "Customized Logo" brought forward a huge list of options.  I sorted this list on "most popular", pricing, etc. and looked through the listings over and over again.  I read reviews, comments from other purchasers, and overall shop sales and ratings.  Next, I added shops to my Favorite Shops lists to keep track of what was catching my eye.  This simple step turned out to be a wise move as I now had a preview of all that was feeling right for me.  With this list, I began to whittle away to shorten the options and find my ideal design. 

I came close to pulling the "buy now" trigger many many times but for some reason, the final decision never felt right....until....I saw this....


I knew instantly this was my logo.  The initials at the top are very near to my own handwriting, the style was clean and simple, AND it met all of the premade file requirements!  As a bonus, the logo included two other versions that although different are cohesive.


I envision this logo style as the perfect photo watermark...

Logo-Black (1).png

And this logo style for a variety of marketing materials such as stickers on the packaging for the prints I am planning to sell....

Logo-Black (2).png

I am planning to incorporate unique marketing and packaging materials to enhance my photography effort and will write a post about each of these choices as well.  Now that the logo is in hand, the foundation is set, up ahead lies a whole new world of branding products for my images and brand.

August 2018 seems a long time away right now but there are so many steps left to prepare for this photography exhibit.  I created lists of tasks and a myriad of considerations to stay organized and will share my calendar time line very soon which covers all of these.  I am planning to share how I found a photography niche, a professional printing lab, my unique idea for frames and mats, and how the whole collection is being developed.

Are you in the process of considering or choosing a logo for your brand?  Please share your suggestions and links to your logo/site in the comments below - I look so forward to hearing from you!

Joan Marie

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