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Thyme for Donuts

Thyme for Donuts

Would you like to hear something that is a cross between really comical and somewhat of a conundrum?

I love to photograph food but do not enjoy cooking....

...how does that work?

I enjoy baking to a certain degree (NO COOKIES) but the thought of main dish recipes leaves me uninterested.  I read and purchase cookbooks purely for the imagery and styling.  I try my best with food styling and set up but at the end of the day, I just love taking pictures of "cooked" food. (period.)

Enter the delightful and everyday plain vanilla cake donut...and some gorgeous fresh thyme...

With a simple lemon juice powdered sugar glaze and some sprinkles of thyme, the photoshoot began...


I love going through my vintage Ovenex bakeware stash and finding the perfect prop to further the compositions... 

I had a vision of the color palette I wanted for these images and am quite pleased with the result...

New angles and lighting...yep, aside from the stacked donut image at the beginning of the post, I am using artificial lighting!!  I believe I have found the ideal set up which allows me the ability to shoot whenever I feel like it.  I understand and appreciate the virtues of "natural" light but found this limited me so much in the available time to take pictures.  

No more waiting for the perfect time of day at the perfect window with the perfect weather.....I can shoot whenever I like.  I am pleased with the outcome as there is minimal effort needed in post processing and I feel this colors are staying true and clean.


Believe it or not, these were actually quite tasty!!  I may try this with other glaze flavors and fresh herbs...


Simply using plain cake donuts from the local grocery store, some fresh thyme, and a simple lemon juice powdered sugar glaze, I had a chance to experiment with composition and lighting.

 Another personal challenge result of this shoot is the following image...

In all my years of taking pictures, I have NEVER attempted to add a human element and action shot......

I learned a ton just by trying something different and see the "action" of pouring, sprinkling, scooping, etc. happening more and more in my images!! (yes, I know the spoon is up too high but for a first attempt, I am happy!

It was a fun day with the donuts and thyme!

Now, what can I dress up next??????

Have a wonderful week friends and be sure to say "hello" in the comments below - I LOVE hearing from you!!



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