Joan Marie Co.

Creating Sophisticated Utility as a Culinary Photographer



Do your days fly by and quickly turn into weeks that evolve into months and suddenly you realize a year has gone by?  Do you have a wish and to-do list a mile long that never seems to shrink?  Do you believe it is impossible to work full time, take care of family and home, AND find time to be creative?

At Joan Marie Company, I believe my tried and true method of living your life with "Sophisticated Utility" is the answer.  I know this as I work full time, have a house and family to take care of, AND enjoy blogging, photography, and just being creative!  I used to crumble under the weight of never getting anything completely done let along having time to blog or explore new creative ventures.  It drove me crazy.....Then one day a magnificent light bulb went off....I sub-conscientiously found that I was fighting the system I was living and yet the answer was right before my eyes.

   Sophisticated Utility is not re-inventing the solution to finding more is EMBRACING the craziness of the life you live and discovering that you too can enjoy the whirlwind of "fitting it all in".  Yes, you can do this and I can show you how!