6 Ways To Live A PURPOSEFUL Life


The word PURPOSEFUL has had a strong influence on my vision and tagline for a successful product and brand launch.  Just to say the word, you feel strength, initiative, and perseverance.  I feel being "Purposeful" goes beyond product functionality and does so by reaching out into our personal actions, beliefs and dreams.

I have identified 6 specific traits that I feel best represent living a purposeful life and each is a simple practice any and all of us can do everyday.  By incorporating one or all of these into your daily routine, the rewards to follow are sure to be priceless....


  1. WITH sincere in your sincere with your sincere with your love.  If you make a promise, do all you can to keep it - if you falter, be sincere with the reasons why.  Love with your whole heart and sincerely accept love in return.
  2. BE HUMBLE...know and own your limits...stand tall in the face of adversity and if you are scared to death, nervous or anxious, take a deep breath and remember you are human and you will be may take time to get there but look at each small step forward as a monumental win.  Accept praise with class and dignity...never expect it.  Accept criticism with strength and understanding...never avoid it.
  3. MANNERS...say "please", "thank you" and "your'e welcome" every chance you get.  Simple, right?....I don't think we practice this's free, takes minimal effort, and when you add a sincere smile, you may never know how you made someone's day.  Yes, simply use manners in all situations to all people.
  4. BE genuinely kind and respectful.  Avoid drama and theatrics on your daily path and if confronted with either, step back, and look beyond.  Steer clear of bragging and pompous attitudes...take comfort in knowing you are achieving your goals and if your heart is smiling, so is your face....enough said.
  5. BE RESPONSIBLE...take care of your duties when called mindful of tasks that require your complete attention...follow through as effectively as you can.  Take care of others and "listen more / talk less" listening completely and seeking to understand any situation, the outcomes of those situations build upon your foundation of being "purposeful"
  6. CHALLENGE YOURSELF....stretch outside your comfort zone and try something new...whether it is learning just 10 words of a foreign language, going back to school, learning to cook, sew, or bake..whatever it may be....just try...every time you finish a challenge or have to back won...simply because you tried with true intention and personal purpose. 

Start each day fresh and remember that if you focus on one or all of these traits each and everyday, you will have lived that day PURPOSEFULLY.  You may never how how many lives are touched by your actions but I just bet there will be many.  Even if that count is 1, what a gift you have given to someone AND yourself.

I would like to close this post with a quote that I came up with and plan to hold close to my heart everyday....please feel free to do the same...

To live purposefully is to lead with grace, walk sincerely alongside and follow graciously in the footsteps that bring you joy...
— JoanMarie

This is my personal goal and business brand everything I do, create, and share....everyday.