Back to the beginning...

An explanation...


You may have noticed the Grand Opening of Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market scheduled for October 16th, did not happen.  That is due to a number of reasons and it’s only fair that I set all of my cards on the table and share with you the reasons for this.

First, setting up eCommerce in Squarespace is very detailed if you want it “correct” right out of the gate…which I do.  New product photos and descriptions are needed and a whole new sales process is waiting in the wings.  Much much more "hands on" that I could have anticipated. 

Secondly, life has a way of adding to the upheaval of plans (i.e. new puppy, birthday celebrations, etc.) and suddenly you run out of time. 

Introducing "Sidney"...our Dachshund/Poodle Mix rescue puppy!!

Lastly, plans, goals and expectations suddenly become daunting and unforgiving when you are crunched for time based on deadlines you have given yourself.

So, rather than providing deadlines or future updates, etc.  I think it is best to share where I am “at” with everything.   Furthermore, I am so fortunate and grateful for the MOUNTAINS of support and encouragement by each of you since the day I started this blog that you deserve nothing less than 100% honesty from me.

Here are the details in a nutshell….

1.       Setting up a shop in Squarespace is fairly straightforward albeit time consuming if you want the “look and feel” done right straight out of the gate.  When a dream or goal becomes arduous it makes attaining it that much harder and frankly, enthusiasm is lost.  ….  Not good…....

2.       Working a full time job PLUS a side business PLUS the day to day PLUS “trying” to find time to just enjoy life just gets pretty damn demanding.  I know there are so many creative folks out there that have done all of this successfully and I take my hat off to them.  I guess you could say it became unfun…(a word?).  My blog was being neglected, I was feeling guilty and anxious more than I care to admit, and try as I might….the light at the end of the tunnel became increasingly dimmer.  I started to feel that I although I had built what I felt was a solid and fun side business foundation, I was not giving it the time or attention it deserved – I felt I was being neglectful despite all of my efforts.  Again… VERY VERY unfun.

3.        I reread the very first post I had written for this blog and remember that moment so clearly….I was happy and so excited.  I was feeling so creative.  I couldn’t wait to show off my messy studio and how I was redesigning it, and the harvest table project and, the vintage props and photography experiments…the list goes on and on.  I was sad to suddenly feel “lost” and without excitement.  I suddenly wanted to grab my camera and just play. 

So, to prevent making a short story long, the Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market is still in existence, just on hiatus.  A new iPhone is creating excitement in learning Instagram and iphoneology….props in the studio that need attention….photography sets to create….junking trips being planned….just plain FUN without the “UN”.

There it is…nothing more and nothing less.  Time to go have fun and who knows what direction will be on the horizon.  I look forward to sharing it with you whatever it may be.