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The Studio Project Begins!

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The Studio project finally begins!  Before I can move one step further with my photography plans, I MUST tackle this behemoth unorganized chaos to truly feel "creative".  I don't know if you feel this way but I can't get into a creative mode in the middle of a giant, what I call, "cluttered nasty  - yet hopeful - mess".

The Studio project all began with my plans for the types of photo shoots I ultimately wanted to do.  I enjoy taking still life photos on a table, the floor, or other small area but at the same time,  I really wanted to create a small "room" environment such as a kitchen, bedroom, or living area.  Nothing grand and fully staged, just larger....make sense?

Here we go....please take note of the BEFORE pictures as these are my accountability images.  There, my mess and disorganization, is known all over the internet for all to see.  The only way I can truly share this labor of love is to fully appreciate where it started from...

If you picture an "L" shaped area, this the left lower side....

Moving to the right as if "panning"....we come to the first section of what will be the shooting area....just to the right of the window.....

This picture shows the corner more clearly .....

And lastly...moving to the far right....

A close up of the much needed organizing.....

In order for me to visualize the layout and determine the best use of space, I drew a quick sketch to help make sure I was taking the best advantage of the space

I also created a list of the key components I wanted to incorporate into this new space:

  1. Props and furniture organized so that all are easily visible and accessible
  2. Maximize the use of the shelving in the space
  3. A work table for creating and planning
    1. This also includes a "thinking chair"...I love to have a chair to just sit and think in don't you?
  4. A desk area to keep my plethora of black and white composition notebooks (I have MANY) along with my favorite 9mm mechanical pencils for sketching, planning, and note taking.  ALWAYS have to have plans (smile)
  5. An area to keep photo equipment, lighting, and tripods
  6. Perfectly painted white walls in the shoot area along with clips and hooks for various other backdrops 
  7. A large whiteboard to take notes and "think out loud" when planning the shoots
  8. Music - Hard rock to the classics and everything in between
  9. My Keurig!!  Gotta have coffee available at any given moment in time!

Time go get busy and turn this into a wonderful space.  I have a ton of creating and shooting to do!

Please stay tuned for the AFTER photos and highlights of lessons learned along the way.  I will be back very soon with what I hope to be awesome tips and suggestions, storage ideas, and more detail on the "room sets".


One more before I go.  These are the 16" x 8' planks for the harvest table....

I can't wait to get started on that....once the Studio Project is completed....

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions - I love to read every one!