A "Sensible" Studio Color Choice

Having the opportunity to create a space for my photography addiction has been not only very exciting but challenging due to the many decisions needed.  As far as organizing my props, backdrops, and creative supplies, I took my time and focused on accessibility and use.  The larger props are stored in such a way that they are easily visible but not so much that they take up valuable space.  The smaller props are stored in specific areas such as "zinc", "kitchen and bakeware", and "vintage accents"., etc.   Now when I envision a scene to shoot, I know where the key components are including the supplies to craft whatever specific accents I need.

So far so good!

The next decision was what color to paint the L-shaped "room" area that I will use for a majority of the photo shoots.  My first inclination was, of course, white.  After all, I needed light and I wanted to retain the large airy look.  As with any decision making process I undergo, I have to be 300% sure (even though re-painting is no big deal) - I want it "right" the first time.

I really looked into the images I have taken, want to take, and dream of taking, and they all met at defined points - vintage, worn, and industrial.  This got me looking into the gray family of colors.  Because my main shooting has a concrete floor (perfect), I wanted a darker color with more depth and feeling and yet remained neutral.  That is when I discovered.....

"Sensible Hue" by Sherwin Williams  

Years ago I purchased a Sherwin Williams paint sample fan deck so I had access to a larger chip which I hung on the wall.  I watched the color in the morning, afternoon, and evening for any variances that I would not be happy with.  None were found.  I love the color and how it works so beautifully with the concrete floor.  It also creates depth and a touch of richness that easily works with my other favorite colors (white, grays, pastels, and dark moody tones).  

I have, in past posts, shared some of my favorite books that I use frequently for inspiration.  One such book is The Natural Home by Hans Blomquist .  Publisher - Ryland Peters & Small (April 1, 2012)

This book captured me on page 1 and didn't let go until the back cover.  The colors, textures, and image compositions were amazing.  The images felt "right" to me and not forced.  I was drawn into each one and wanted to just "be" in those environments.  Yes, a style I could completely relate to.

I am also attracted to all shades of white.  The clean simplicity of images that pull you in with a subtle draw.  Completely love them and plan to explore that area as well.  I have many prop-projects planned and even more so now that I have completely come to terms with what I have rather than what I need.

During a recent photo shoot, I was setting up near a large patio door and the sun was coming in very strong.  Rather than try to diffuse it, I was captured by how it hit the various surfaces I was working with - chalkboard, wood, and linen.  No rhyme or reason for this image other than to adjust the ISO and Exposure settings, and fell in love with it just the same.

So I am off to get paint supplies tonight and begin the final step of Studio Project completion by Saturday afternoon.  My goal is to have everything in place so I can truly begin to "play" on Sunday.....also to share the final outcome and hopefully some photo shoot creations.

I am so fortunate to have met several wonderful Bloggers who share the same passions and interests as I do in my couple of short months blogging.  The comments, suggestions, and stories shared only add to my resolve that this is truly the "Right" and "Sensible" path for me so that I can share with you.

If you are a new visitor, I welcome you.  If you are an old friend, I welcome you back.