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How a Photo Shoot Comes Together

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Having enjoyed some time off over the holidays I was able to spend a wonderful amount of time with family as well as get caught up on some reading.  My idea of reading typically involves studying photography techniques and blogging ideas.  When I have time to just "be", this my path of choice and it is invigorating.

One area in particular I was drawn to again and again was how to effectively plan a photo shoot.  With time being limited for shooting, I started to put together a checklist that will help me not only plan a shoot but will make the best use of time.  I will write more in a future post  about this process as I continue to explore the benefits and results.

The weather was beautiful today and it made sense to spend some time outdoors and get some fresh air.  The sun was spectacular and everything smelled so fresh.  I had ZERO idea what my next photo shoot would be so I took a little adventure to get my wheels turning.

I took a walk in the woods behind the house and grabbed some long-needled pine.....

.......Just a small clump......and as I wandered further, I just had to grab a bit of cedar....

I just love seeing green encased in all of the white snow.  It is a reminder to me that Spring will come again.

Once I got back home, I just dropped these little bits in the snow and snapped a quick photo hoping I would get a massive brainstorm and assemble some props for the shoot of all shoots.....

Hmmmm....nope.....nothing.....again affirming that I MUST get a good plan in place to keep my inspiration flowing.....

So into the studio I went and quickly remembered that I wanted to use these wood folding chairs I found at a thrift store a few years ago ($1 each - honestly) and began grabbing a few other pieces for a scene.  There were several prop "swap-outs" before I was relatively happy and began shooting....

I have a large lawn and leaf bag FULL of old rusty bed springs and thought I'd use one as my "vase".....

As I was wrapping up and grasping at straws for additional ideas, I spied a project chair in the corner and thought "hey, let's throw this in the snow!"

I'm not sure if it was the contrast of color, the fact that it has no seat, or that it was simply tossed into the snow, OR if I had become "snow drunk" but there was something about this photo that felt "right" to me and for whatever reason, it is one of my favorites.

In closing, I have mentioned in a previous post that I have a LOVE for abandoned buildings and before my walk today, I drove into town and investigated an old grain mill (?) by the river that runs through our little town.  It has been closed up for years and I remember walking past it years ago as a kid.  What a magnificent structure and that is next on my list of photo ops.  We know the man who owns it and I might just have to make a call to him (smile)

Stay tuned for that and my photo shoot planning checklist!

As always I love your visits and comments - looking forward to hearing from you soon!