A New Squarespace Site!


I would like to introduce you to my new site with Squarespace.  My decision to move to this platform was mainly due to having more image portfolio functionality and I am NOT disappointed.  The import from my previous Blogger blog was almost seamless and with a little tweaking, I was able to complete the process in an evening without technical assistance.

If you have any questions on the theme I selected, the tweaks I made, or how the import process worked, please let me know in the comments or email me and I would be happy to share more.

Squarespace Design Decisions

Welcome Page

My site will now have a "Home" screen or "Welcome" as I call it.  This cover page will contain highlight images from recent posts.  My intention for this was to be a nice introduction of what will be contained in the Blog page.  The images will transform automatically and there are arrow keys in either side to move the process along more quickly if that is your intention.  Additionally, the images are highlighted below the main image display in case there is one is particular you would like to see first or perhaps to revisit.

Blog Page

The Blog page is just as you would expect.  Each blog post is listed in the order of most recent first.  In order to keep the page clean and easy to view, I have added an "excerpt" function to each with a highlight image and "read more" button to go further into the post.  At the bottom of the four most recent posts is a "Newer/Older" option to visit past posts if you like.  Comment functionality is the same format that most of you are familiar with and I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts, comments, and, suggestions!


The "Inspiration" page contains a list of the sites I have followed for years or just recently found.  This listing will be ever-evolving and growing as I am constantly inspired by so many creatives!  Be sure to check this page often and visit these incredible sites!


This page is as you would expect and includes a "contact me" form to submit emails directly.  This is another page I anticipate changing as my skills, portfolio, and site functionality increase!


 Search functionality, Features notices, and highlighted posts are the current content.  Again, another area to watch for additions and updates.

This has been a quick run-down of the new site and I am anticipating many new shoots, images, and information to share with all of you.  

Best wishes for a wonderful 2016!

What a fun ride it will be!


P.S.....Although is pained me to put up a post without photographs, please know this is most likely the ONLY image-less post you will have from me.  I have HUGE plans for upcoming shoots that include: an old grain hatch door, vintage paper cutter, more zinc, old industrial lunchboxes, vintage bakeware, and many surprises!  Stay Tuned!!