January Wrap Up and Next Steps

With the Studio completed, I can focus on the various other projects I am trying to complete and am anxiously ready to share updates with you.  I am just amazed that I have not only been on Squarespace for over a month but also suddenly realized that January is almost wrapped up!  

Not that I am happy time is flying by but being a Spring and Summer girl, this means we are that much closer!

At first I thought I should have gotten these projects done before I started this blog and then I think.."Really? would have never started!"  By sharing with you my intentions and progress, you keep me inspired and motivated to march on as I plow through this list!  I want to be honest and share that sometimes it's very frustrating when all I want to do is set up photo shoots and then the shoots I envision require the projects to be completed.  I must remind myself that Rome was not built in a day and the areas I am currently building will be the foundation for all that is to come.

Bet you are wondering about the harvest table?????????


I could not be happier with how it turned out and have a grand entrance shoot planned for this upcoming weekend.  I did not want to take some quick "here it is" photos but rather to present her to you in the manner both you and she deserve.  Be sure to watch for that this weekend as my unique harvest table dough bowl idea will be part of the unveiling!!

Now on to some business and "Next Steps"......

As I mentioned earlier, I have been on Squarepace for one month and feel as though I have just scratched the surface in its capabilities.  With that, I have also spoken to some great bloggers who are considering making the switch to Squarespace and I couldn't recommend it enough.  As my blog continues to grow, I plan to post about the Squarespace functionality I discover along the way in the hopes it will inspire or motivate.  Please know you can email me if you would like to talk more in depth about the initial experience.  I do not claim to be an expert but feel I have the a fairly good handle on the basics and can share my importing experience..  Loving this platform!

AS IF I don't have enough projects going on and being planned, I thought I would share a small glimpse of the old handmade wooden boat that my neighbor was going to throw on this burn pile....WHAT?  Burn Pile?  Would I like to take it off his hands?


I have a love of the water, boats, and old boathouses and this was truly a gift.  I was meant to come along and save her.  Yes, I know the oars are shot but the oar locks are in great shape and the little vessel is about as sound as can be.  It is only about 8 feet long with two little bench seats and since we live so close to the river and have gorgeous access to the river banks, I just dream of re-doing this amazing little boat and can only imagine the photos that will come from it!

When I first saw the little boat the first thing that popped into my head was the nursery rhyme "Winken Blinken and Nod" - I think that is a good name for this little wooden boat don't you?

One last little bit of fun to share - I recently got my Restoration Hardware catalogs and the lighting catalog especially caught my attention.  Their large chandeliers are just stunning.  Some are very modern, some very rustic, and some a bit of both.  Over the top beautiful!

That got me to thinking......

I have these three rusted metal rings which were salvaged from an old whiskey barrel planter...

The rings are hard to see in this photo but they are in the top left of the photo above my wood screen sifter.......yes, just to the left of the old broken wood stool I need to's too cute to toss.....

I thought with some wire, jute, twigs, greenery, and some type of subtle lighting or candles, I could craft my own and hang it in the Studio shoot area!

To wrap this up I am on to writing my "shoot notes" for this upcoming weekend and I will be so excited to share the results with you!

Love hearing from you and thank you for following this whirlwind path with me.