How a Blogger Found Her Niche....

I'm sure at some point, almost every person who has started a blog has heard that it is most effective to find that special "sweet spot" or niche in order to feel fully competent, relevant, and, read-worthy.  I am one of those people and this suggestion is what held me back from starting a blog for a LOOOOONNNGG time.

What possessed me this past November to just "do-it" and jump in without a niche, plan, or specific area, I will never know.  I just did.  Sink or Swim.  I started. 

It was the BEST blog decision I could make.  Here is what happened.....

After I finished my last post, I started to explore Amazon for an upgrade to my camera.  The thought of moving to a full-frame DSLR has always intrigued me.  Then I see the prices and suddenly the intrigue diminishes.  I enjoy photography but honestly felt like there was more to my blog than that.  Something I was missing or perhaps just couldn't put my finger on.  That is when I got frustrated and felt confused about my focus, my goals, my plans.....just plain frustrated.

When the frustration sets in, I step away from the computer and take a deep breath.....That's when it happened.  The word PASSION screeched into my head and I asked myself, "what is my passion?".....simple and obvious, I know.  Any blog development article will tell you to blog about your passions, things that excite you, things you do differently, things you love.....I re-read my last post and determined the following:

  1. I LOVE going to antique shops, thrift stores, and junk shops - Studio Project
  2. I SEE visions in all that is destined for or considered garbage - Wood Row Boat
  3. I LOVE to think about the obvious differently - Zinc Chairs
  4. I SEE myself happiest creating unique props - Harvest Table
  5. I LOVE to create, what I feel, is uniquely used everyday stuff - Iron Ring Chandelier
  6. I SEE myself taking images of restyled props in new ways - In Process and Ongoing.....

The common denominator in all this?  PROPS and STYLING.  That is my passion.  What a better way to share this passion than to photograph the process and post about it on my blog.  Would I love to have a professional photographer be intrigued by my props and styling?  ABSOLUTELY.  Would I love to have a magazine see my passion and ask me to share why I do what I do? YES PLEASE!  Would I love for a food photographer to contact me for prop ideas as they develop their next best-selling cookbook?  DEFINITELY!

There it NICHE....

Props and Styling

I looked back in my photo archives and found this niche in pictures and projects I was working on many years ago.  In the example below, I wanted a white couch.  Not a new one that I would worry about spots, settle on a style, too modern,  etc. so I found one at a thrift store for $10 and painted it!

BEFORE - Simple 80's couch

AFTER - Freshly painted WHITE 80's couch!!  Loved that couch and the finish was actually quite nice surprisingly.

Old Linens and Various Fabric Scraps.....Just a couple of the MANY i have....

Yes, that is what I love and I hope that in some small way, my prop creating will affect you in your own passions.  Sometimes the obvious creates the most challenge in both thought and function.  Sometimes we have the take the long road to find our way "home".

As always I look forward to your comments.....