My Homemade Harvest Table

I do not recall the first time I set eyes on a harvest table but I do know that since that time, I have always dreamed of owning one.  Not just any harvest table....I wanted it to be BIG!

So, I came up with a plan to make one.  And the plan started with three boards.....

Each board is 8 feet long and 16 inches wide....beautiful "planks" of plain wood that I was going to create into something that could be portable, functional, and used in my photography plans.

I did not take images of the distressing and staining process as it happened so quickly and with each step, I became more and more excited which quickly moved the process along even faster.  The distressing consisted of using an awl to create cracks, a nail set for worm holes, and my trusty sander.  The staining was a trial and error process which is best described as:  1.  One coat of Colonial Maple, 2. One coat of English Chestnut, 3. Sand the whole works and 4. A final coat of Provincial.

I wanted the table to be "portable" and since it would be used for photography, it made sense to use heavy duty metal sawhorses for legs.

The three board planks are securely screwed together with three 2x4 braces on the back which makes the tabletop sturdy and yet still easily movable.

With the table constructed, I put together a photo shoot that speaks to a "Formal Prairie" style.  Using a Noritake china set from my Grandmother and a few Mason jars to soften the look, the images below are the result


Added benefits of making my table as I did is the top can be used as a backdrop or even a wide plank wood floor!  My homemade harvest table......let the styling begin!



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