New Projects - New Studio Space - New Surprises

So many exciting new projects on the horizon and I thought I would use the opportunity to fill you in on the details!


This post contains images of Spring and Summer flowers as I needed a break from the snow and cold...Let's Begin....

New Studio Space!

My Mr. Handsome surprised me this Christmas with softbox lights for my studio!  He knows I am all about my "primitive light" and using what is available through the windows but also wanted me to be able to take pictures whenever I got the urge.  I started playing with them last weekend and was intrigued with a new photography learning curve.  I LOVE them and the light from the bulbs is so "real" - there is no yellow, green, or blue casts whatsoever and they adjust in many angles to control when, where, and how much light I need.  So.....I decided I needed more studio space and am developing/expanding that area this weekend.  I will be sharing updates (before and afters) as that project comes together!

New Harvest Table Project!

I will have more room with the new studio space and what better way to fill that up than with a Harvest table!  There are so many ways to use a piece like this in photography that I am beside myself to get started.  Now to find the size, shape, patina, etc. that I want would be like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack (not to mention terribly expensive) so I decided to make my own!  We picked up the lumber this evening and that is also on the weekend docket.  It will be a gorgeous 8 feet long!  Again, pictures of that process to come soon!

Continuing on....

NOT Your Average Dough Bowl Project

I am making a special "dough bowl" for the Harvest table.  Right out of the gate I will tell you this is NOT your everyday dough bowl and it is NOT made out of the lovely worn wood you typically see.  No, this is going to hopefully blow you over when you see the finished product.  I would LOVE to say that I am working on that this weekend as well but I realize my limitations and want to focus on the studio space and table for now.

...FYI - I am terrible, I mean TERRIBLE at keeping secrets and it is driving me nuts not saying anything yet about the dough bowl.  If I do keep this a secret until the reveal, I am going to take myself to Dairy Queen to celebrate!

I came to the realization after last weekend, I needed to reign in my thoughts on photography and where I wanted to go.  It must have been due to the "chair in the snow" episode I had last weekend that the ideas and projects and new techniques just started to flow.  This time I put pen to paper as the mental tornado blew through and I am so glad I did.

It is my goal over the upcoming year to really refine my area of photography and these images below might provide a brief glimpse....

And lastly......

All of these photos where taken about three years ago with a basic Point and Shoot camera.  When I started organizing my photos in Lightroom, it became apparent that even after all this time, these photos speak to the things I love....old wood, vintage props, rust, worn fabric, abandoned houses and buildings, and metal (especially zinc, of course..).  Trust me, I am NOT all about the industrial, old, and worn look - these are my descriptors of what's to come!  

I am also secretly entertaining the thought of moving into a more "fine art" style of photography...we will see!  i have to get all my ducks in a row first!

Looking forward to sharing more progress and updates very soon and am interested in how you chose your photography niche - how did it happen?  When did you realize your "area"?  How has your photography changed or evolved over the years?

Let me know in the comments below and as always I love hearing from you!