When Vintage Finds Speak To Your Heart

After completing the recent larger projects which included the Studio and Harvest Table plans, I took a little time to focus and plan for the next steps on this photography journey.  Working a full-time day job leaves precious little time for creativity but when that time arrives, the results are quite meaningful.

I am drawn to vintage pieces that are very utilitarian in nature.  Those that served a common purpose and could be used and seen on a daily basis.  Although beautiful European antiques are treasures in their own right, it is the "everyday" that captures my heart. 

On a sunny afternoon in a friendly little city, I stopped into an antique mall to browse and this piece stopped me in my tracks....

I have seen these called bread boxes, pie safes, etc. and in whatever way they were used, these pressed tin cupboards with their utilitarian style and hardware, have remained a favorite of mine.  This piece was in perfect condition (to me), had the ideal patina, and seemed to be there just waiting for me.  I brought her home to join the prop crew.  She fit right in.

We decided that pies would be a nice feature debut for her and the creating began...

Food photography is a new area for me and it was a uniquely fun experience.  

If you have knowledge of these pie safes/bread boxes, I would love to hear from you - their history, manufacturers, or usage, etc.  

So many visions of use with this piece and happily I have another afternoon planned in the Studio.

As I always enjoy and look forward to hearing from new and old friends, I am wishing you a beautiful February day and thank you for visiting.