French Bread and Twine

Although I am typically drawn to photographing still life vintage and junk shop treasures, I wanted to try something bright, colorful, and visually different.  My understanding is that part of the photography learning journey includes taking a wide variety of images and working through the technical details to find the images that feel "right" as well as draw you deeper into a specific style that is most rewarding.

Food photography is an area that I dabbled with over the years but since I do not enjoy cooking, it never made sense to me.  I had no recipes or cooking steps to share and my technique is basic at best.  It's not that I feel I am bad cook, it is just not a skill I want to "work" on.....especially since Mike LOVES to cook and I am completely happy taking care of the clean-up.

That being said, I love visiting food blogs and am amazed at the beautiful images that are taken before, during, and after the cooking process.  Even the simplest of food is gorgeous in the hands of an expert.  The colors, textures, and plating all combine to create art.

So how do I attempt food photography?  Easy.  I found some wonderful loaves of french bread, bright red vine tomatoes, garlic cloves, and fresh rosemary....and started taking pictures...... 

With a little bit of kraft paper and twine, I dressed the french bread loaves up a bit.....

And then had a nice little snack when the photography was done.

This was a fun experiment and forced me to challenge myself and my thinking.  Keeping everything bright and appetizing without looking overworked was most important and with pre-made bread, it was that much easier.  

Will I jump into food photography again?  I can't say for certain but I am glad to have tried.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for visiting!