The Gathered Path....

Have you ever had that "moment" when an idea will explode into your thinking and suddenly all thoughts are centered around this idea?  You think it forwards, backwards, sideways, and upside down as you are just sure this is the "idea" you have been waiting for....that was my week.  One idea and a brain implosion of excitement and planning....

I will back up a bit and start before the beginning.....

I was really drawn to the Wabi-sabi style recently - exploring Pinterest, blogs, and books that shared amazing images and information on this style.  The broken and repaired, the worn and frayed, the simple and yet so dramatic.  LOVE.

I read the articles, I poured over the images, and devoured as much as I could.  This style was so "deep" and yet with its simple nature, so incredibly dramatic.  

That session of Wabi-sabi  research both mentally and visually is what brought on the "idea".  

Here is the deal, when I get an idea, I will think the hell out of it.  Second guess it and sometimes try to talk myself out of it.  It comes on like a tsunami or a rogue wave and I am captured.  I begin thinking even more.....

This blog was started to push myself and my photography skills to the limit.  I came, began sharing my images, thinking out loud, holding myself accountable, and am meeting some amazing people along the way.  All is moving along in a direction I never imagined possible.  I look back on the first blog post I put up just a few months ago and remember vividly the feeling of excitement.  I had no idea what would come next and began plans for the next post and the next after that.

At the present time, all is good and beyond my is time for the next level....a level I have dreamed about for most of my adult life.

A business....our business....A Business

A lifetime of dreams gathered all widening this path.....

I am working on the designs and plans this weekend.  Creating with a sewing machine (of all things) and will be very excited to share the process with you.

Along the way, I am hopeful you will recognize whether or not I am moving in a positive direction and if not, I will gratefully heed your advice.  It is also my intention that if someone reading this is thinking about their "idea" too, that you will find some solid take-aways and we can learn and grow together.

I consider myself a gracious individual and if there is an opportunity to share my experiences (good and bad) to help or inspire someone else - I am happy.  In turn, if you have thoughts to share, please do.  I will be listening...

I hesitated sharing this little smattering of an update and yet, this blog makes me accountable.  Makes me fearless.  Makes me feel achievement and success.

A Business.........

Here I go.

I will use my blog name as the business name.  I am assuming I will need a tax ID, etc. to make this legit and would love to hear your comments and suggestions on this especially if you have experience with Wisconsin business rules and laws.  This will be an online sole proprietorship (no brick and mortar - for now...).  A very basic Business Plan in process.  No business loans needed (thank goodness) as I am starting small and have plenty of supplies to begin.  Oh, and business cards!  I will keep my day job to remove any immediate financial pressure and since I am creating something fun and imaginative, it will be an activity much like photography, I will look forward to the design process challenges.

Speaking of photography, this is and will remain a staple in my plans.  It will actually push me farther down new creative paths.  It will always be a part of JoanMarie | Company.  


Having my blog on Squarespace will allow me to add ecommerce functionality and retain everything in one location.  That will be a learning experience in and of itself.  I will be spending a majority of time in the studio this weekend getting material ready to share in upcoming posts.

As I have said before, I LOVE hearing from you and will wait anxiously for your words of wisdom, critique, or suggestion.  Please share with me your thoughts as I value each and every one of them.

So without further adieu, it's time to "get this baby (aka - business) off the ground".   I hope you come along for the ride.