A Golden Delicious Epiphany

One huge step grand leap to photo shoot with three Golden Delicious apples and a sudden epiphany.

As I study various aspects of photography, there is one area that has eluded me.  That area is "developing a personal style".  I find that after following so many incredible still life photography artists that nine times out of ten, I can tell who it was that took the image.  Whether it is the setting, the props, the tones, or the lighting, I usually know who took the photo by their unique "style".

That is what I have been working towards within my creative self for a long long time.  The goal of sharing images with the hope that the viewer will say "there is Joan's work" or "Joan took that one".   You recognize the composition and colors.  You recognize the props and lighting.  You know it's me and my work.   

I often revisit images I have taken over the last several years and although I am most times pleased to see them over and over, there was always a nagging feeling that I hadn't quite discovered "my style".  

Until today....

I found three Golden Delicious apples at the grocery store Saturday morning and was immediately drawn to them.  No red apples, no bright oranges, or deeply toned blueberries were able to grab my attention.

Just three pale yellow apples with speckles on their peel.  

I experimented with backgrounds, composition, and lighting.  It wasn't until I reviewed and tweaked the images in Lightroom that the epiphany hit me....

Low saturated colors.....slightly above tabletop angles....close without being a macro shot...clean backgrounds and simple styling.

Once I had the first image edited, the rest just flowed on the screen.  The style was the same, the tones were the same, the look and feel were EXACTLY what I loved and wanted them to be when shared.

So many professional photographers talk about developing their personal style and how it did not come overnight.  Their styles were discovered through countless photo shoots, determining likes and dislikes, and trial/error.  How I envied those that had reached the point where "they knew" their style so I carried on with the hope that one day it would happen to me too.....

I experimented with small scale props, large sets, and diy projects.  Food photography with recipes along with business development projects for "The Blue Cupboard".  I did not limit myself nor did I venture into photographic specialties and just were not me.  I practiced, practiced, and practiced until I was beginning to think I was running out of ideas....

Today was the day for everything to align and move forward.  Today I found "me" in my photography...

No words to describe how natural the process with the apples felt.  No phenomenal revelation in technical skills, just me and my camera and three apples.

My style....

Simplicity, focused, muted soft colors, vintage attributes, and comfortable angles.


I am excited to continue to refine my style.  To affirm and practice my style.  To share my style that makes me smile inside and out.

There was one other purchase made at the store that day and when you find a dozen white roses for $5.99, they must come home with you as well!!!

Here is a quick preview of my next post with these roses and the continuation of my "style" process.....


If you are searching for your "photographic style", trust me, with practice and determination it will hit you and when it does, there will be no doubt in your mind that it is yours and you will smile inside and out too.

Share your thoughts or photography story in the comments below and thank you for spending this bit of your time with me.