Zinc Chair and a Moose Horn Debacle

What a day....that's the best way to describe my "day in the studio".  

In my last post found HERE, I shared my planning, prep, and shoot process for bringing a vision to life with my camera.  It's a good plan and process, one I will adhere to despite today's activities (ugh)

Let me just say I had the BEST, no...the PERFECT vision for the moose horns.  I had everything all set when I quickly realized these things are heavy.  Not only are they heavy but extremely clumsy to handle by yourself.  I wrestled with the damn horns for about 45 minutes until I tapped out.  They wouldn't sit on my base as I wanted them to, they wouldn't hang nicely without looking ridiculous.  They mocked me...oh how they mocked me.  No sense forcing a square peg idea into a round hole vision.

At this point I went into "off the charts" idea mode.  I started veering away from my lists and plans and worked feverishly to come up with a new vision....BIG MISTAKE.....

Everything was tipping over....falling apart....or just looked amazingly awful.  It was one of those days that the harder I tried, the worse it became.  I had to make a choice and make a choice fast....keep marching on or call it a day.

I chose to keep marching on and took a little break to figure out what was going wrong...why did everything feel "off"....what was missing....why was I such a hot mess?????????

It hit me....I was working on a vision that was so outside of my comfort zone.  I remembered that with the Golden Delicious Epiphany and Gorgeous Bosc Pear shoots that I never felt closer to "my style" than I did with those two.  Why then did I feel a need to dive back into an area that didn't fully make sense to me...Why?

Good Question.....easy answer....

My answer came via my Zinc Chair (a DIY project from several years ago), three sap buckets, and a few maple tree branches.  Simple, straightforward, and yet hopefully stunning.   They all came together smooth as silk and it "felt right".

Nothing grand and over the top.  Not frilly and crowded.  Nothing complicated.

A big part of learning photography is sharing and that includes the ups and the downs.  Today started as a massive DOWN but managed to right itself.  I just let myself learn the hard way.

So without further adieu,

I bring you my Zinc Chairs and Sap Buckets.....


It's Sunday night and I am beat.  It has been a day.


Tomorrow is Monday and I will start all over again...(huge smile)

I hope your week is amazing!