Prairie Denim

Denim has been a staple for just about all of us in one form or another.  Whether the denim is stonewashed, dark rinsed, or worn to threads, it retains a beautiful patina and provides a usefulness that sometimes is like coloring outside of the lines.

Denim hues are so wide ranging and the tones only get better with age.  The prairie has some of the most gorgeous blue shades combined with my favorite compliment color, caramel....

The blues in the sky combined with the warm colors of the prairie grasses are so peaceful and welcoming.  Makes you want to wander and explore....

Add denim to the prairie experience and the picture becomes complete.  The hard-working settlers who managed to carve out a life in the vastness and how far reaching the eyes could see as they listened to the wind must have been magical and a bit scary at the same time.  Building a new life or maintaining an existing one had to have been an ongoing challenge.

My initial collection of designs follow closely with prairie colors and demeanor.  The blues in the denims, the caramel tones in the canvas and cotton, and the whites in all shades making the vision complete....

The good ole American work wear and fashion trend setter.....denim.  Denim design inspired by the prairie and of its palette.  Denim designs for the chef, the artist, the photographer, the teacher, the housewife, and the list goes on and one.  I want my dry goods designs to be made of beautiful fabrics, gorgeous colors, and well constructed.  Everything from aprons of denim and canvas to pillow cases of beautiful linen.  

I have been developing a "dry goods" collection that is not only useful but very intriguing.  Nothing mass produced as each item is made solely by me from start to finish.  I am also working with various sources to obtain wonderful linen fabrics.  A post on linen and my chosen color schemes is next up! 

I am also very excited to share that the business name has been chosen and label for the dry goods are being stitched as we speak.  I am working with an embroiderer in our small town and love the fact that I am finding so many local small business sources for all of my needs.  Each piece of the business plan is carefully thought out and budgeted for accordingly.  My embroiderer provided me an example piece that will be stitched on canvas and sewn to each piece in a hand cut label

.  You may recall my post about a blue cupboard that came from my Grandma and the story behind it?  If not, you can read about it here.

The blue cupboard encompasses all that my new business will be about and here is an example of what the tags will have stitched on the canvas labeling....

Packaging will include peg clothespins, Kraft paper wrapping, and butchers twine.  Very simple, very old-fashioned, very useful, very timeless.  A couple of other fun additions to the packaging but that will be a surprise! 

I look forward to sharing more and more as I move forward and as a future highlight, I am looking at linen fabric in a whole new light....exciting things to come.

Hope this early spring is kind to you and that you are enjoying every bit of the time before the burst of summer.

Looking forward to your thoughts and comments!