Ticking and Osnaburg

The business progress is shaping up nicely and I am very excited to share the beginning phases.  Each decision made has gotten me one step closer to making this business dream a reality.  In my previous post, I spoke about the vision, the to-do's, and the general steps necessary to make this "the real deal" and those actions have been and will continue to be an exciting learning curve.

The business name is decided, the marketing material design and colors chosen, and the first items have their patterns drafted.  This post is the first in a series that will go deeper into each phase of business development. To begin, I would like to share with you my foundation or "idea essence", if you will.

My style leans towards the worn, raw, and unfinished.  The colors that grab my attention are muted hues that speak to a more practical time.  A time before loud floral prints, bold geometric patterns, and graphic color combinations.

Two fabrics that best represent my style vision are 100% cotton Ticking .....

And the ever faithful utility workhorse.....Osnaburg

These two fabrics have a rich history of practical usage as well as a wide range of woven colors and textures.  Both have been used in many areas of crafting, furnishing, and design, with resounding success.  They are timeless, classic, and practical.  In my world that equates to perfection.

Ticking and Osnaburg look beautiful in their worn and raw states.  Years of use look good on them.  Time serves them well.  These two fabrics will be the key components in my creations.  They will look and wear well on many.  They will help in someone's creative process, daily chores, or just be there waiting to be needed.

They will be practical (smile).

Next up.... an overview of how I chose the name, my branding and marketing, and the design beginnings.  Now that the weekend is here and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous, I will be in the studio.  Snapping photos, designing, stitching, and anxious to share more.

Stay tuned for Step 2 - Branding, Designing, and Stitching

(Semi-Spoiler Alert....did you happen to notice the repeated use of "practical" in this post?)

Wishing you a wonderful evening