A Tree | A Fence | A Pitchfork

With the weather treating us to utter gorgeousness lately, my business planning and a full time job, all combined have made the days fly by.  This little stroll I was taking was much needed to "flush" my head of the constant tsunami of planning thoughts.  

Have you ever walked or driven by an area many times and for some reason one day, you decide to really "look" at it?  Something catches your eye from out of nowhere.  Something is drawing you in to look deeper.  This was the start of what I found...... 

Ok, it is just some rusty old wire fence still somewhat attached to a very rotted fence post.  Nothing too unusual about it except for the fact that I was completely unaware of our neighborhood ever being a farming area.  Now I realize rusty, twisted wire and a old fence post do not a farm make, but as I looked closer, it was really incredible to see how after many years the wire fencing had become a part of the tree.  The wire was firmly embedded into the bark and impossible to remove.   

As I looked beyond the tree, it was apparent that a fence once stood strong in this spot as parts of it were still standing down the row of trees.  Some of the fence posts were still up and held the wire fencing strong.  My mind quickly raced back in time and tried to imagine what the area looked like years ago.  As it stands now, the neighborhood consists of a variety of houses - some lived in year around and others used as summer vacation homes.  Our street leads to a dead end with the opposite side featuring the river.  A quiet little residential type of neighborhood several miles outside of town with no signs of "farming" other than some very nice vegetable and flower gardens sprinkled here and there.

The reason I became so intrigued is due to what I noticed right above this embedded piece of fencing.  This tree was supporting more than collapsed wire fencing......... 

Yes, directly above the disintegrating strip of fencing was a pitchfork end embedded firmly in the tree.  No evidence of an old handle could be found and as you can see, the tines have either broken off or have become deeply rooted into this tree.

I would love to have been at this very spot when the "stabbing" occurred.   Had it been a long day and as chores were wrapping up, the handle gave way and out the frustration the metal end was jammed into the tree?  Was it kids goofing around and thought it would be funny to ram the metal end into the tree to get out of doing chores?  I could think up many other possible reasons but in the end, I decided that no matter how it got there or how long ago, it was me who found it again and appreciated it that much more.  How long it has been there, I have no idea.  How many summer storms has this pitchfork been through?  How many snow storms has this survived?  Did whoever put it there wonder if someone would find it again and ponder the "how and why" of its existence?  No clue..........

I simply thought it was beautiful.  

Having a moment like this made me realize that the things we do today may be discovered by someone out of the blue in the future and they too will wonder the "how and why".  The blogging world has made sharing our stories, experiences, talents, lessons and advice so accessible.  So meaningful.  So thought-provoking and inspiring.  Something as small as an ordinary tree, a fence, and and pitchfork brought me back to what is important in our lives.  What is meaningful.  What is legendary.

It does not matter how many "visits" you get.  How many comments or "likes".  Nor does it matter how expensive your camera is or how many lenses you have.  What matters is how you touch other lives whether it is through words, pictures, or any other form of inspiration.  You leave your mark by sharing what is important to you and possibly to others.  And if it not noticed today, you never know who will find you days, weeks, or even many years from now.

Wishing each and every one of you reading this a very wonderful day, evening, Spring, or a wonderful wherever you are right at this moment.  There are fun and exciting things happening with this blog and I am so thankful for the opportunity to share these events with you.  Stay Tuned! 


PS.....If you have any insight or guesses as to the pitchfork mystery, I would love to hear them.