The Gorgeous Bosc Pear

As I continue to wait for the weather to cooperate allowing me to create in my larger studio, time spent with my homemade setup in the family room has proven to be quite effective!  

It is a very simple arrangement consisting of two larger softbox lights, a small table, a roll of freezer paper, and various props.  I experiment with light coming from both sides and then adjusting one or the other off.  

The models chosen for today took a bit of hunting.  I wanted to find the perfect Bosc pears and locating those that still had a pretty stem and didn't look as if they had been drug behind a car took some time.  I probably looked very odd going through every pear, balancing it on the display to make sure it could stand on its own decently and checking for dings and dents, but I just smiled at the onlookers and waited for someone to be brave enough to ask me if needed help or possibly medication...

No one did so I continued on with the search and found three that fit the bill....

Having had such a fulfilling experience with the Golden Delicious Epiphany, the Bosc pear was ideal for my next vision.  The rough shape, the strong stems, and the color....the awesome color....perfect in every respect.

The process of determining the perfect props for the shots is very fluid and organic.  I gather up some of my favorites and just start placing them in the scene.  I do not get overly busy or frilly with props as I want the subject to be the star of the show.  To me the simplicity of the shot is timeless and with each image, I can envision a cookbook ingredient shot with room for text, a double page spread in a magazine as a soft background, or as a print hung in the home.

I will let you decide what you see in the images and how they make you feel.  Do they stir up family memories?  Do they remind your of a favorite recipe?  Maybe, if you are like me, you simply like the visual art aspects and try to imagine them on the walls or in a book?

Enjoy the finished products of today's shoot....


This was just a small sampling of the photos I took today and I would love to hear your thoughts....if these images spoke to you, tell me how....that is the beauty of creativity, we all see and hear something differently but so important and meaningful all the same.