It's About Time

As the Blue Cupboard company growth moves forward, I would like to share the latest updates and what is happening next.  To date I have designed and created the first products in the Blue Cupboard line, set up my business banking account, registered the business in my state, decided on packaging, and am planning product photo shoots.  

These have been milestones as the plans move steadily onward.  With these steps completed, I would like to pause and share with you my "purpose", my principles, and, my "passion" for this company.


Blue Cupboard was created to share uniquely designed and handcrafted basics we all use everyday. With a fresh view of simplicity and usefulness, the Blue Cupboard design is destined to become an heirloom to be handed down for generations..
— JoanMarie


The Principles of Blue Cupboard are simple and honest.  To be an American made classic, handcrafted with the highest attention to detail, and the promise of full delight and satisfaction with each piece in the collection.

Blue Cupboard is free of gimmicks, trendiness, and rudeness.  Blue Cupboard is a kind and sincere company that promotes old-fashioned manners, hard work, and, dedication.


The passion for Blue Cupboard stems from vintage belongings, blue jeans and work boots, rusted metal and weathered wood, and the beauty of nature in its raw form.  All combined in a handcrafted collection for purposeful daily use.

Now for the update that ties this all together......

Blue Cupboard

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Wishing each of you a wonderful weekend and as always, I love hearing from you with your comments and suggestions!!