Introducing..."Blue Cupboard"

At one point in time many many years ago, I dreamed of owning and running a creative business.  A business in which I could freely run with ideas and designs.  A business in which every step was well thought out and relevant to many.  A business that spoke to those who found delight in my creations and hopefully would be handed down for many years......

Blue Cupboard


established April 2016.

I have a treasured blue cupboard, passed down my from Grandma.  A woman who, although no longer physically with me, walks beside me each and everyday.  She was strong, fearless, and full of love and fun.  

It was perfectly fitting to name my business Blue Cupboard to not only carry on her story but to continue it with mine.

Blue Cupboard is a line of dry goods to be used all throughout the house.  They are made of sturdy materials and each step of production from the design to the final product is completed by me.  My labels are made by a small embroidery company in our hometown and I  love the fact that I can work with them so personally and support another creative business at the same time.

The initial line of dry goods focuses on the kitchen beginning with what I feel is the ULTIMATE kitchen towel.  She is a workhorse and loves a challenge.  She is not afraid of spills or worried about stains.  She can scrub away grime and softly wipe the china.  Made of 100% cotton denim, she only gets more beautiful with use and age.  I have used this towel in my own kitchen on a daily basis and love it.  

As I began designing this kitchen towel, there were several criteria that were very important:

  • Natural fabrics - 100% cotton
  • Durable and strong - denim
  • Fun and fitting for a myriad of decorating styles - simple design
  • Well made - mitered corners
  • Soft, absorbent, easy care - machine wash

I experimented with various fabrics, styles, and finishes.  In the end, I chose denim as the fabric for the initial line.  Denim is an American icon,  fabric I live in, and just plan amazing.  The more you use it, the better it becomes.  It looks wonderful in a high end chef-style kitchen and divine in a cottage kitchen.  It looks great on the patio, boat, or picnic table.  A formally set table or a casual coffee brunch.  As a runner, placement, or even a bread basket liner, the uses are many and the results are stunning.

The Blue Cupboard kitchen towel is nicely sized at approximately 18" x 24".  Big enough for tough clean-ups and yet not too large that it becomes cumbersome to use.  A twill tape hanger and mitered corners as finishing touches.  Machine washable and a cool toss in the dryer brings it right back to life.  Treat this towel as you would your favorite jeans - simple!

The Blue Cupboard line will be evolving on an "as designed and tested" basis.  Nothing will be offered in the Blue Cupboard store that has not been used and tested by myself to ensure it passes muster!  Each of the pieces will meet high standards in quality and workmanship.  I will not put the Blue Cupboard name on an item that I find disappointing in the use and testing phase.

I want you to LOVE Blue Cupboard as much as I do!

I look forward to your thoughts and comments as the line opens and expands - please share your suggestions or questions as I am beyond excited to share these products with you!!

.  The Blue Cupboard online dry goods store will be opening on my website soon - watch for announcements and updates! I look forward to sharing my creations with you and adding to your history!