A Sea Of Opportunity AND Change....

When I first started this blog back in December of 2015 I vividly recall the first post I put together and how excited I was.  That excitement continues on a daily basis as my brain goes full throttle into "making dreams a reality" mode.  Along the way, I have visited so many beautiful and talented new blogs, communicated so openly with artists and designers on blogs I have admired for many years, and started, what I feel, are beautiful new online friendships.  All of this has led me to where I am today....

 Fearless and motivated to move forward!

I began this blog in a photography mode and worked on several projects which I have shared.  I created a studio space and let my mind wander down a creative path.  I started to think big and courageously about all of the areas in which I could explore.  The path widened as did the encouragement.

Then the Granddaddy of all dreams came to light...

Blue Cupboard

A business....a real live honest to goodness idea that has floated in my mind for many years.  

"Let's Do It", I cheered!  

So off I went into the great unknown.  With no constraints I dove into creating something new and fresh.  A simple design and business scope that felt exciting, real, and "me".  I began the design process by picking out an Blue Cupboard and all of the meanings it had to me.  All of the meanings I want to share with all of was born.

I created prototypes, I redesigned the prototypes, I used the prototypes, and shared them with loved ones for feedback.  I am pleased.

All is moving along so nicely and yet there was a nagging feeling looming as I tried constantly wrap my head around the full scope of this dream.  So many pieces that needed attention.  Pieces such as marketing, ecommerce page development, ecommerce testing, inventory creation, and the list grew bigger everyday.

Suddenly, I panicked and realized that I had announced a "Go Live" date for the business and didn't feel that I was ready to present this to the world in a manner it deserved.  I felt scared and nervous.  I felt overwhelmed and slightly frustrated.  I needed to make some important decisions and make them fast.

I have a first-hand appreciation for all of the creative entrepreneurs out there that start this process on their own.  No assistants or magic elves to help with the busy work.  No team of marketing experts to handle that portion.  No web designers to create a magical end-user experience.  The list goes on and on.....  

But I know who you are you creative entrepreneur!  

I follow your dream online and do all I can to cheer you on along the way.  I admire your growth and success.  You have been instrumental in demonstrating that anything is possible when heart and mind work together.  

You are my rockstars and mentors!

It is because of you and your inspirational success that I feel 300% comfortable sharing this update with you.  I have chosen to delay the opening of Blue Cupboard for a short period of time to make sure I have all of my ducks in a row.  All of the puzzle pieces on the table at least, and most importantly, the foundation firm.

Now, I am a realist and I know that not everything needs to be 100% perfect.  But what I also know is that it needs to feel "baked" and not mushy in the center.  Blue Cupboard needs to feel solid and beautifully presented as that is what I wish to share with the world.

This delay is temporary and most likely the largest learning experience of my blogging existence.  

As soon as I realized all of this and came to terms with this update.....

 I took a breath. I regrouped.  I became excited again.  

Perhaps giving myself permission to be open and honest with you was the best decision I could make?  Yes, it is.  Although hard, the best decision ever.  

Perhaps I felt like I was letting myself and you down by pushing a square peg into a round hole just to meet a "go live" date?

  I felt I was and this is not acceptable.  For myself, for Blue Cupboard, or my amazing blog friends and followers.  No, at all. 

The process has been and will continue to move forward.  Always forward.  Always hopeful.  And always creatively excited.  

Blue Cupboard is slowly and confidently growing and evolving.  It is a design heaven in which I am creating the most wonderful items for the world to see and hopefully use/love as much as I do.  It is coming.  I promise.

I will keep you posed every step of the way and will hope with all my heart we continue to share the online communications of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation. 

I have reached out to my wonderful online email subscribers personally to share this update and have a surprise coming to each of them.  

A surprise that i hope you use and love, share feedback on, and enjoy.

Thank you for reading and as always, sharing your comments.  I look forward to creating many new posts and watching my content develop and grow into wonderful new areas that you may find inspiration in.

So, with that, I have much to do and am happily rowing out into the sea of opportunity and change.  I am hoping you will continue to row alongside me.