Designing with Tones and Textures

The word "design" encompasses so many areas that once you immerse yourself in the process you suddenly start to become aware of all the gorgeous tones and textures that surround us in everyday life.

As I began this product design journey, I knew color was important along with form and function but what I didn't realize is how we are drawn to our favorites which stem from the many areas they are found in our daily lives.

Whether it is the blue/grey of old shingle siding with faded white trim or the shot of rusty red in an old pump handle...

These all make for a beautiful image and color palette when surrounded by the many shades of green and tan.  The soft whisper of overgrown grass softens the deep grey stone and brings a calm to the scene.

Each of us are drawn to our preferred areas of color and at the same time have the ability to try something new in our designs to create a stronger sense of "home".  We change our wall color and add a pop of color with new pillows and bedding.  Or, perhaps you find a vintage treasure that is completely unexpected in shape and color but it grabs you and it is incorporated into your design regardless of the tone or texture.

Maybe it is the dull, worn, hazy grey finish of old silverware happily nested on a pristine white linen table cloth?

Or maybe it is the vibrant color from the new spring flowers that present themselves to us this time of the year...

Wherever it is you capture your tones and textures for your designs, they resonate in your heart and feel comfortable.  

From the chipping white paint on an old door held tightly by the rusty warmth of the hardware, all collectively create the vision for new fabrics on the sofa to new towels in the bath...

My design perspective includes all of these elements and are usually found when least expected.  By thinking beyond paint samples, fabric swatches, and tile displays, let your mind move to the everyday...the comfortable.....the known.  

See the beauty of an old tin dustpan, the cream and blue threads in a worn out whisk broom, and the warm chocolate tones in a woven seat chair....  

A main part of my product design process to date has included dark indigo denims, creamy cotton twill, faded denim, and softened pillow ticking fabrics.  As other colors and textures jump out at me, I have begun looking into new fabrics and how they nestle into the design.

So far, the options are endless, exciting, and inspiring!

Looking forward to hearing your hearts process for finding your perfect tones and textures.  Share your favorites and how you found them.  Tell us about your unexpected discovery and your leap of faith incorporating the color or texture into your design.

I look forward to hearing from you and your comments are always a big joy in my day!