How I Developed A Tagline and Designed Business Cards

Naming the Blue Cupboard business was a "no-brainer" for me.  I knew right out of the gate that this name, "Blue Cupboard" would encompass all I wanted to design and create.  An easy to remember name with the intent of defining it's meaning through the designs.  It would also help capture the essence of other product lines I wanted to carry in the brand.  A nicely wrapped package right?

Well....I needed to add a tagline to the name to make sure it wasn't thought of as a paint line or custom cabinetry company.  What "was" Blue Cupboard and what would be found there...

Utilitarian, housekeeping, refined, sturdy, meaningful, quality workmanship and materials, fresh designs, and purposeful...


The Blue Cupboard Tagline was born and the business card created.... 


Blue Cupboard....Purposeful Market

I opted to have the cards printed vertically so that they can be used as hang tags when needed.  I love the rustic Kraft brown with black ink and the layout that is clean and simple.

See?  Even a "purposeful" card (smile)

An online shopping market for all things related to "purpose".  Making the "everyday duties" more enjoyable for everyone in every home.  


I specifically left blank space on the the back to hand write  product details, pricing, care notes, etc. in the event I sell an item directly to a customer vs. online.

You may have guessed by now that the Blue Cupboard line will consist of more than hand sewn kitchen towels?

That is all part of the excitement brewing here!!

This Squarespace site allows me the opportunity to host my own e-commerce page which is being developed as we speak.  You may recall the Product Photography post in which I was preparing to begin the product listings?  Well they are underway in the page design and will be making an appearance soon.....along with some other VERY "Purposeful" products.

Share your blog name and tagline in the comments below and how you developed it - as always, I LOVE hearing from you and so will everyone else!


Stay tuned for more updates!