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A New Product Line and A Display Project!

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Due to the success of the linen blend Blue Cupboard kitchen towels, I have found a wonderful new option for 100% linen in a color that blew me away.  The color name is actually what caught my eye and when I saw the sample, it was love at first sight.  So as I wait for that shipment to arrive, I decided to go treasure hunting.

Now if you know me, I see beauty and potential in what others view as either garbage or destroyed.  I happened to find this cast-off cupboard (I LOVE cupboards ya know) only moments away from destruction.  As with the new linen color, it was love at first site...   

Well built and solid so how on earth could I leave it behind...

Before going any further, I would like to share a disclaimer...the images that follow are NOT pretty, they are NOT even remotely hopeful a matter of fact, they may scare even the bravest of the "junk" seekers...but not me.  I will put on the rubber gloves, I will mix up the disinfectant cleaner, and i will scrub away.  There is beauty in this piece and I will resurface it one handful of ( I am calling the mystery stuff "bits" as it sounds better than what I am sure is most likely is...) bits at a time....

This cupboard stands about 4 feet tall and approximately 1 foot wide.  The door is simply made and works well with the primitive latch thingy (technical term).  It is very solid and will look beautiful when cleaned and scrubbed.  I am almost thinking some small metal caster wheels on the bottom with work well too.

I am only showing snippets of the BEFORES as I want the AFTERS to be the star of the show.  Knowing that showing the full awfulness of this piece will add to the drama of the outcome, I will refrain out of fear that someone may think I need to be committed.

Onward and Upward right?

Now that we have seen the piles of "bits" I want to show you the feature that I thought was very special.  On the back of the cupboard was a piece of what I would call wet, moldy, cardboard and it was covering a section of old TIN!

The tin section covers most of the back aside from a 8 inch section at the top.  I believe from the tin lining in my Hoosier cupboard bread drawer that this was possibly used to keep rodents out? Ok, I know from the looks of the front, it was not the most effective on this piece but when I found it the door was ajar.  Easier access....(I don't want to think any further about rodents as I have not started on the demo yet)......

So let's go back to the tin....

The tin is actually in very good shape and attached quite well.  If there is another reason for this tin backing, please share your thoughts as I would love to know!

I have a very special reason for wanting to redo this cupboard and will keep you posted each step of the way.  I do know this cupboard will be white and will hopefully be the perfect display piece for the new line of products I will be working with.

Wishing you the "best ever"!!