Questions About Aprons

Happy weekend everyone!  We are enjoying some hot and steamy weather here in Wisconsin (my kind of day) and since I am still waiting on my next shipment of fabric, I wanted to ask you a question....or two, or three, or.....

It's about aprons.....

Do you prefer a full "bib" apron, or perhaps a half apron?  Do you use your apron strictly when cooking or baking in the kitchen?  Do you don an apron when cleaning to act as another set of hands to hold towels and cleaner?  How about for working in the garden?  Maybe when doing still life or product photography and carrying around all of the little extra props and tools for getting the perfect shot?

ok...I guess that is more than a couple of questions but I would really love to hear you thoughts one way or the other.  Maybe you don't even think of wearing an apron?  Perhaps your apron collection is very vintage and possibly too delicate for everyday use?

If you do wear an apron or would consider, please share with us when, where, and you like the aprons that have longer ties to come around the front for tying?  Do you like the "slip over your head" neck strap or prefer to tie it behind your neck?  Full bib apron or half apron?  

I think you can see where I am going with this....

I did something new to me today and found that it was very helpful.  I grabbed an old cotton  half apron I had tucked away - plain jane with no pockets, etc. and threw it on while cleaning the bathroom and kitchen this morning.  I ended up gathering the bottom corners to "carry" and "gather" clutter and a random cleaning towel, all the while thinking I should add pockets and was at that moment a new collection hit me...

Aprons - made in the Blue Cupboard style of "Purposefulness"

Beautiful cotton and linen fabrics, many unique pockets and loops, very usable, and would wear like iron.  The next component involved style.  It had to be the type of apron I would answer the door in and not feel like I was trying to be June Cleaver.  It would make a statement and cause the visitor to think.."hmmmm, an apron that doesn't scream apron....interesting the way it's being used....gorgeous color and design....where can I get one?"

The canvas apron above is a prototype I made several months ago and brought back out to revisit styling, construction, and fabric right after my cleaning session.  It is hard to see but this half apron actually has four pockets ranging in size from very large to a small 4x5 pocket for rings, keys, cell phone, iPod, etc

I also experimented with a very plain bib style apron and wanted to customize the pockets on this one too...

I have researched apron styles and noticed the Japanese-style crossover apron, pinafore style, and cafe/bistro options.  Personally, I prefer the half apron simply because it feels the most comfortable on me.  The pockets are handy and I can carry heavier things such as bottles of cleaner and LOVE longer ties for bringing around to the front.  There is plenty of room to haul around all of the things I need to make the job of cleaning a little easier with less running around.

The new aprons I have planned will coordinate with all of the Blue Cupboard towels and will add another layer to the collection!

As I await a new fabric shipment of a gorgeous new 100% linen color, an awesome new ticking stripe, and more Essex linen, my mind is in full create mode.  Your opinions and suggestions are anxiously awaited and greatly appreciated - please share below in the comments!

As always, I wish you beautiful summer days and dreamy summer nights!