New Fabric Arrivals and a Mini-Vacation

Right out of the gate, I wish to thank Donna from DistressedDonnaDownHome for the wonderful mention on her blog today.  I have been introduced to many new customers and friends from her post and wish to send my deepest appreciation.  Please stop by and pay that creative lady a visit as her "before and afters" are amazing!

One of the process steps in owning a small business and blog is that I have the opportunity to experiment with new fabrics and designs.  Today was one of those days when the fabric shipments arrived and each one literally stole my heart.

Let me give you a quick glimpse of what is on the horizon...

The Essex Linen collection is a HUGE hit and it is no surprise.  The linen 55% and cotton 45% blend is amazing not only in texture but the colors fit right into the Blue Cupboard style.  The colors most requested, Soap (white). Pond (dusty light blue), and Ciabiatta (soft light neutral) quickly sold out but will be happily replaced asap!  Along with the Pantry Towels, I will be adding the full size Kitchen Towel to this collection!

 This is a dream fabric to work with and as testament, I got a call from my Dad (of all people) today to tell me that since he has been helping Mom with household chores, he is really impressed by the Pantry Towel fabric and asked Mom to toss the old flour sack towels she has had for years.  He loves the absorbency and how quickly it dries on the hook when the tasks are completed.  Along with all of the wonderful comments on recent shipments in the Blue Cupboard Etsy Shop,  a review from "Dad" is most impressive in my book!

Moving right along, I mentioned a new 100% Italian Linen fabric I ordered and this fabric has already become part of my favorites.  It is a medium weight linen in a color called "Prairie" (light neutral Kraft color)  - just gorgeous in person and I will be posting pictures of this fabric as soon as possible.  Now you know I insist that all of the Blue Cupboard collection pieces are made with great attention to detail and made of natural "usable" fabrics.  This linen is no exception!

I pre-washed a sample and dried it on hot.....WOW....totally impressed.  The texture is amazing, the color fits perfectly with the collection, and I am anxious to add 100% linen to the mix.  LOVE this fabric!

On to the next... cotton Ticking in navy blue has and always will be a favorite of mine.  It is interesting to physically touch the various fabric "textures" in ticking material with some being very densely woven (for mattresses) and other being almost a quilting cotton.  I believe I have found the ideal middle of the road weave with a feel that is substantial without feeling stiff, soft yet heavy, and very absorbent.  That too arrived today to replenish the Ticking Towel line!

Now is the new part of the Ticking story....I have looked at samples of red, green, and various other shades of ticking and am considering adding them down the road to the initial lineup.  I am considering adding some black ticking and at the same time, based on how popular the current navy Ticking Towel is, I needed another option.....FOUND IT!  I want to keep this one a surprise so that I can photograph it is all it's glory.  The navy and the new ticking stripes are PERFECT together and both add to and fit with the entire collection.   

Not only am I so grateful for the support of so many wonderful bloggers who have shared my story and product line but also to my new customers without whom this could not have been nearly as successful as it is.  It is for all of you that I love the creative process and finding the perfect way to bring these products to life.  I send each of you so many thanks and mountains of gratitude! is going to be a fun-filled creative rest of the Summer and I can't wait to show you what's next!

Each year Mike and I take a trip to see his sister, Michelle,  and her family out in Rhode Island.  This year, it was decided that a "Girls Trip" was in order so back in January, she and I planned an extended weekend visit.  

Port Judith Lighthouse (down the road from their house)

I will be flying to Providence, RI on Friday and will be returning on Tuesday, June 28th.  It is going to be an extended weekend of enjoying the ocean and then a train to NYC to see the Broadway hit "Chicago".  Of course lots of sightseeing from the 9/11 Memorial, The Statue of Liberty, and lots of New York pizza!

I will be returning Tuesday, June 28th fully recharged, ready to design, and hit the creative production road.  The ocean does that to me!!  

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to the next steps of this journey!

PS...many of you have asked about the job hunt and interviews.  All is going well with new interview requests, potential roles, and waiting to see what happens next.  Everything happens for a reason and I am excited for the future.

Be safe and happy my friends and as always, I love hearing from you.