Herbs and Canva

Spring 2017 has proven to be the season of experimental gardening for your's truly.  In the past I have grown various flowers from roses to petunias and this year, I wanted to try something completely different by planting herbs and a few vegetables.  

A sampling of my gardening effort includes:  Roma Tomatoes, Sugar Snap Peas, Shallots, Tarragon, Chervil, Thyme, Basil and Sage.  All are doing beautifully so far and as a bonus, they have provided me an opportunity to develop fun photo shoot ideas!

Not only am I having fun snapping pictures of these little sprouts but I am also planning to try some new recipes.  

Growing Tarragon for homemade Bearnaise sauce....Basil for a Walnut Pesto....and Burnet for an Avocado Turkey sandwich topping.  So many easy and fun ways to use them!

My little English Thyme plant is another favorite.  Just the smell of this tiny wonder is insane!  

I would LOVE to try to develop a DIY laundry soap recipe that really captures the fresh scent and will keep you posted on that progress!

A "new to me" herb this year is Tarragon.  I had a bit of a challenge finding real French Tarragon but in the end, our local nursery came through!  

The flavor in the leaves of this plant is truly remarkable and I am seeking ways to best freeze this herb as I see myself using this quite a bit as it matures.

I mentioned earlier a recipe for Walnut Pesto that I was interested in trying.  Pesto, in general, sounds incredible and with fresh Basil, that is also on the list.  

This is another herb that when rolled in your fingers imparts the most "Italianesque" (not sure if that is a word but it best describes the fragrance to me) aroma and will be used in a variety of recipes!

Another favorite is the clean sharp taste and the fragrance is magnificent too!

Of course you can't forget Sage!  I typically do not use Sage but now that I have some gorgeous fresh specimens, I will be seeking ways to use this as well...

Along with the herbs I am trying my hand at Roma Tomatoes.  Just the thought of making Bruschetta with Roma's, Basil, and Mozz makes me hungry just thinking about it!  

Having never grown tomatoes, I am seeking advice wherever I can get it.  So far I have been told they LOVE lots of sunshine and support structures are important for the plant as the tomatoes begin to develop.  

It seems to be doing pretty good so fingers crossed, I will have some great recipes to share when they are ready. 

Along with the Roma tomatoes, I am growing Sugar Snap peas!  Mine are only about two inches tall right now but I have been warned they grow fast!  We are going to be cooking up a storm around here!

After playing with all of these photos, I thought it would be fun to visit Canva again.  If you haven't tried Canva or it's been awhile, you must check it out.  There is a free version that is the perfect segue into designing with your photography.....

This blog graphic was created in Canva with a standard template and shown at the beginning of this post...

And because one of my dreams is to photograph for a cookbook or magazine spread, why not put it to the test with a Canva book cover template...

Ok long as your dreamin, why not shoot for the moon and create your own magazine!  Canva's magazine cover templates are addictive....

WHEW - Quite a bit accomplished in the photography realm this weekend and this resulted in a growing list of  fun"projects" to share in the future.  Everything from cooking to DIY to more photo shoots!  All being planned to share with you.

Have a wonderful day friends and be sure to stay in touch - I would love to hear about your projects, recipes, and suggestions.  Each of them means the world to me!