First Day On The Job....

Words cannot begin to describe the emotions of the "first day on the job".  If someone where to have been standing beside me the last 24 hours, they would have thought I had gone completely out of my gourd.  The smiles, the giggling, the excited bouncing in the chair maneuver, and the hand clapping.  Yep, that has been me for the last 24 hours! 

The minute the Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market opened, the comments, the encouragement, the purchases....I have completely absorbed every bit of it. 

This experience has opened up my design faucet like none other.  The courage to create, the fascination of constructing new creations, combined with my appreciation of soooo many talented creatives in the online world will take this business to another level.  

New "purposefulness" has already begun.....

Like a fresh coat of white paint, I have listened to what you like, the details you especially appreciated, and what you would like in addition to the initial line...these bright fresh ideas will prove instrumental as Blue Cupboard moves forward, grows, and develops into the clean, bright, and, purposeful company I had envisioned.

The linen/cotton blends are a huge hit with several colors selling out throughout the day.  Working with that fabric was pure joy and I have many new complimentary designs already in the works.....

Blue Cupboard designs will remain limited in number to keep the quality at a level I would want for myself and proud to share with you.  

As I approach a 6 month mark in my blogging journey, this is just the beginning and I am so fortunate to have met and grateful to each and every one of you for everything you have given.

So it is with extreme excitement that I dive back into design and create mode.  I want to grow and create beautiful and unique pieces that you will love and enjoy.  

You deserve nothing less.

Thank you my lovely friends, old and new, from the bottom of my heart.  Please keep the feedback coming, the suggestions flowing, and your expertise shared!  As mentioned earlier, I am absorbing every bit! 

My first "day on the job" was heaven...pure heaven. interview went really well yesterday and fingers crossed I get called back for a second round...I will keep you posted.

Bless your hearts...