Summer....magical Summer

Summer is my time of the year.  So many things to do and enjoy.  The flower pots are growing beautifully, the BBQing has been delightful, and the long days are sheer heaven.

Having recently started a new job, my world has been filled with fast days of training and the evenings spent designing and dreaming.  Fantastic summer fruits and garden vegetables beginning to ripen... 

Summer just makes all of these things so magical for me.

The new Bakery Towel line at the Blue Cupboard is launching even better than I could have imagined and many thanks to all of you enjoying Blue Cupboard goods in your homes.  There are so many new design plans in the books, new fabrics being tested, and colors that will match all of the seasons.  

It is going to be a wonderful ride!

Mike and I have been keeping busy on the weekends and although July is flying by, we are grateful for each minute.  

Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market is growing by leaps and bounds with ideas that I am literally dying to share with you.  As small "teasers", let's just say the upcoming Autumn and holiday seasons will be filled with fun new products for all areas of your home.  Each will not only be "Purposeful" but will also provide for a unique shopping experience!  I am currently developing a Blue Cupboard signature scent for a wide array of offerings and promise they will be tried and tested to ensure you love them as much as I do!

Things may seem quiet on the blog lately but believe me when I say, I have never moved faster and more purposefully in my life.

I wish each of you many beautiful summer days and warm summer evenings as we march towards Autumn.  Hoping you are all well and as always, I love hearing from you.