The Second Half and My Grey

I woke up one morning and discovered I was 50 years old....several sleeps later, I woke up and found out I was 51 years old.  With 52 coming right around the bend, it was time...

....time to embrace the moment...time to celebrate life experience...

...time to share kindness....time to live stronger...time to love deeper... was time to fully embrace...

The Second Half

What I refer to as the second half of life is the opportunity to use and appreciate all that you have experienced, learned, and dreamed of throughout your life to date.  A chance to speak through life experience and to offer tried and true suggestions and advice.  Also, I feel this second half offers a chance to slow down, breathe, and yourself in contentment and grace.

As I immerse myself in the realization that I am truly in this position of the second half, it dawned on me that my physical appearance has been on non-changing track for a long long long time.  This is most evident in my hair color as I started to "go grey" in my early twenties.  As a Cosmetologist (do they still use that word?) in the first stages of my career path right out of high school, I RAN to the bottles of hair color to cover any stray grey strand.  I found a medium brown shade and we instantly become BFF's.  We remained so for all of these years.  As a young adult of the 80's, I fell in love with big hair and this has followed me closely.  I tried the straight and soft routine and "nope, ain't happin"...the hairspray was a necessity and soft, wispy waves were not a comfortable area .  I ratted, teased and sprayed the hell out of my hair.  The three of us, color, hairspray, and me, moved happily along life's path for many many years.

You may or may not have noticed that I added a picture of myself in the blog sidebar and on the About page.  This was a VERY awkward thing for me to do.  In all my life, I have NEVER seen a picture of myself that didn't make me go "meh, yep that's me".  You see, I love being behind the camera but when it comes to getting my picture taken, I am my worst critic.  I can't relax, always appear as though I am ready to say something ridiculous, and when I see the result, I am surprised to see that I don't look like how I envision myself...does that make sense?

All of this information leads me to my next step in the second half....I am seriously contemplating "going grey".  My Mom has very pretty grey hair and my Grandma had gorgeous white hair.  When I look at my roots I am probably right in the middle of these two and the color maintenance (which I continue to do myself) is becoming an "every three week" process....Enough....


It's time for my Shade of Grey.  It is truly time.

I write these words not only to be able to share this process in case you may considering this but also to affirm my decision.  It is going to take some time.  I have to avoid looking "two-toned" as much as possible during the transition and prepare myself for the change.  I am also going to have to get comfortable in front of the camera to show you the result....we'll see about that one....getting comfortable in front of the camera I mean.  

In order to keep the enthusiasm pumping, I have decided that there are a two other areas with "going grey" that I am looking into.  The first, treating myself to a salon consultation.  Yes, I do cut my own hair. I call it "whittling" as that is my technique.  The back took some time to master, especially having short hair, but I think the overall result has been acceptable.  Acceptable is not the word I am hoping for when I share the new "grey" me.  I want to look fun and trendy with grey hair....I want to look funky, lively, and confident...I want to embrace the real me....

For cut and style options,  I want to stay short as long hair, even a short bob, drives me nuts after a period of time.  Long hair does not last long on me.  I want to continue playing with styling products from texturing paste to flat irons for short hair curl/waves thingy's .  I can learn to tone down the ultra stiff hold factor with proper hand-holding from a good stylist. 

With my haircolor changing to this degree, I realize this may affect my makeup colors and I will need to explore lip color.  Lipstick, gloss, or tints just haven't been a part of my makeup bag...time for that to change too.

So, there ya go.....

"Joan goin grey".....I am going to do this!  I have my salon appointment all set for this week to start the cutting and new style phase and am planning to avoid any type of color during this ride.  No highlights to blend the grey, no color stripping or bleaching....just letting it go.  I realize there will be days when I think "oh my God, this is NOT good at all" but I will muster courage from somewhere and forge ahead.  I will OWN IT!

If you have experienced this type of change, please please please share your words of wisdom with me.  Tricks or tips to make it easier?  Surprises that came from the change to grey?  

I love hearing from you so please leave your thoughts below or shoot me an email!

All my best,