5 Tips To Prep For Fall Baking

With all of the cleaning, organizing, and downsizing taking place at our home on Birchwood Lane, I have found myself thinking about chillier days and autumn baking.  Maybe it was the sorting and purging of unnecessary kitchen supplies and tools?  Perhaps I am just missing using my oven during these warm summer months?  Or maybe I am just ready for some cooler days and filling a clean house with warm rich scents that come from baking?  Believe me, it may sound a ways off but the seasonal change will happen before we know it!

Whatever the reason, I decided to "prep" our kitchen for all of the upcoming baking I was looking forward to and to be fully prepared for that first crisp day.  With that, I created 5 tips which may help you prepare for baking weather too!  

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5 Tips To Prep For Fall Baking


1.  Sort through all of your spices, sugars, yeast, and flours.  If any have lived beyond their shelf life, start a list of those you need to replace.  Keep this list with you while shopping as you can pick up these items a bit at a time.  This is also the perfect time to start watching for good deals on butter for freezing!

2.  Sort through all of your baking equipment and decide what you will truly use regularly for variety of recipes.  If you know angel food cake will not be an ongoing dessert, keep that pan in the back.  Cookie sheets, pie tins, cake pans, and mixers/mixing bowls should be at the forefront.

3.   Sort through the small tools such as measuring spoons and cups, graters, mixing spoons, brushes, and cooling racks.  Think of those tools that you use most often for your favorite and most commonly made recipes.  If you rely on an egg separator for the whites or a scale for measuring ingredients, get them ready.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to dig for these things when that baking opportunity arises.

4.  Sort through your baking paper and freezing wraps.  Do you use parchment paper and are running low?  Add it to the list.  Do you can or freeze autumn fruits and vegetables?  Add your supplies to the list.  Make sure your baking, freezing and canning supplies are stocked when the farmer's market visits kick into full gear!

5.  Sort through your favorite recipes and start seeking out new baking challenges whether in your cookbook collections or online.  This alone will inspire you to try something new and also provide you with a "heads-up" on a particular ingredient you may need and can add to the list.

These tips will ensure you and your kitchen are ready to go when the baking begins without having to rush around for tools and ingredients.  You will also be fully prepared to bake at a moments notice when that new recipe grabs your attention.  Additionally, there will be a beautiful air of confidence about you when that challenging recipe is taunting you, begging for attention!

Speaking of baking challenges, I have a few of my own on the horizon.  The first on the list is homemade pie crust.  I recall making this once years ago and decided to try it again.  I want to "perfect" this baked treasure to create some new pie recipes and other delights!  

After the complete success with the best dinner role recipe last year, I am going to play with this dough for other unique confectionery goodies.  It was so deliciously fluffy and soft and I believe it will make some incredible sweet rolls and sweet/savory flavor creations!

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Several years ago I experimented with making white cake from scratch and this will definitely be revisited.  Along with a variety of scones, pies, and muffins, I am going to venture into the wide world of cookie recipes.  Cookies are a treat I have avoided baking for most of my life as I have leaned toward being a "one and done" type of girl and not the "refill the cookie sheet, place in oven, remove from oven, refill the cookie sheet...repeat over and over.....yes, a poor excuse that I am now realizing...note to self "add cookies to the list"! 

All of these plans sound sooooo good but here is the deal....there are only two of us at home and we each have an extremely large sweet tooth.  So in order to prevent both of us from becoming the size of a small town, I want to create recipes that make smaller batches and sizes.  Rather than simply cutting a recipe in half, I want to study the ingredient proportions and mix it up a little.  Since I am not the type to skimp on the butter and sugar, this will make the baking experience more guilt-free and will also provide the opportunity to try new recipes more often.

The added bonus of baking, in my eyes, is having an opportunity to play with food photography.  Different backgrounds, props, and many many food photo stories to share..another level of creativity with the baking process.

I am putting the finishing touches on the Guest Room project and will have updates on that soon.  What started as a fully cluttered, unorganized disaster is turning into a clean restful retreat.  I am saving the best part of that project for last which is the bedding.  I love to "dress a bed" with vintage quilts, soft sheets, and plump pillows.  Stay Tuned! 

How do you prepare for fall baking?  Do you have a favorite recipe you like to kick the season off with?  Perhaps a tip to share with ingredients or tools?  Do you have your own baking challenge you want to perfect?  We would love to hear from you so please share in the comments below!

My best to you,