Scent Branding | Part I

Home fragrance has always been a very important decor element for me for as long as I can remember.  Whether it is a candle, wax melts, or air spritzer, I love coming home to a house that smells wonderful.  

At this point, it made perfect sense to add signature scents to the Blue Cupboard line so I began the process of scent branding with a big dream and a ton of online research.  What I discovered is that there was really no clear cut path to defining a "scent brand" for a creative business such as mine or various other businesses such as handmade creations, DIY, or hobby turned business.  

Most of the information I found came from large corporations in a multitude of industries and involved a great deal of time and money.  Expensive research with perfumers, chemists and marketing professionals seemed to be the common denominators for success in the scent branding process.

What could I do for my small business??

How could I even get started??

Well, since I could not find scent branding information relevant to my needs, I created my own!  It is my hope that you too find this process something you may want to consider and incorporate into your personal brand, your blog brand, or your business brand!

Let me start at the beginning....

My first goal was to clearly "paint a picture" of what Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market is at the core and what I see it becoming.  I wanted to look at my business from a more "sensory" perspective rather than a mission/vision/values focus so I thought up and asked myself the following questions:

1.     What types of environments do you think of when you see your logo, label, or business card? ( examples: kitchen, bakery, coffee shop, park, cafe, porch, library, forest, city street, lawn)  

The word "environment" can be any place your mind travels to - past, present, or future!

2.    What types of scents come to mind when you physically hold your creation or are designing a new service? ( examples: cut grass, spices, baking, fresh herbs, line dried laundry, roses, winter air, summer breezes, soap, garden soil, coffee, campfire)

Do you see yourself at the beach or in a modern/contemporary upscale hotel?  Maybe it is a museum or the local Farmer's Market?  What do you smell there - peppermint?  maybe the ocean surf, lemons, old books, cinnamon, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables?

3.    What are the emotional traits of your business? (examples: love, togetherness, sharing, warmth, kindness, courage, strength, security, simplicity, compassion )

What do you "feel" each time you talk about your business, or what has become strengthened within you by starting a business?  

These three very simple questions actually provided a deeper understanding of the sensory and emotional side of my business.  For each question I wrote out every thought, memory, visual, or simple word that came to mind.  Don't limit your responses - let the thinking flow!    

When I felt I had collected enough information, I then began a compilation of images that most closely matched the responses.  Visit Pinterest, Instagram, or any preferred image gallery and select pictures that reflect your answers.  No limits or boundaries on the images, just that they really have meaning for you and your scent emotions ...this is a very small selection of mine:

Scent branding can be a very important compliment to your product brand.  The two should work in harmony and not contradict.  They should strengthen each other and feel "right" when spoken of in the same sentence.  The goal is to create unique scents that bring to mind your complete brand.  

Simply put...

Scent branding provides the emotion to your brand! 

In Part Two of Scent Branding, I will be sharing more detail on my process of home fragrance development, names and descriptions of fragrances, and thoughts on how to incorporate scent into a product line.

A little sneak peak of the Blue Cupboard scent branding possibilities....

Hand-poured Soy Candles

Cold Processed Soaps

Cold Processed Soaps

Scented Laundry Products

Scented Laundry Products

Scent branding is a fun process to expand not only your brand but your product or service creativity as well.  The key is to remember that the senses and emotions are the key players.  

Let me know how this simple scent branding process goes for you or if you have suggestions to share.  As always, I look forward to hearing from you.