The Bakery Collection

I enjoy baking...but cooking, well not so much.  

The man in my life LOVES to cook so I let him have as much free reign in this area as he chooses.  No issues whatsoever on my end with handling the cleanup especially when I come home to an incredible supper and he has taken care of the grocery shopping.  

Yep, spoiled.

That being said, when we both get a craving for cinnamon rolls, apple crisp, or fresh baked artisan bread, I take over the helm.  There are fewer things more relaxing than a warm oven on a chilly day.  Even in the middle of summer, I am thinking about new baked treats to try when the temps start to dip.

With these thoughts in mind, it was perfect timing to introduce

The Bakery Collection

in my little shop

The Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market!

The Bakery Collection is a wonderful line of larger kitchen/baking towels made in the same color palette as The Pantry Towels with so many additional uses.  They will be perfect for proofing bread dough, lining a basket of baked treats, or wrapping up a gift of cookies.  The Bakery Collection will look beautiful in any area of your kitchen or for any task.


 Along with the linen/cotton blends, there is a new member of the family and this too coordinates perfectly with The Blue Cupboard line up....


When I first discovered this beautiful ticking, I immediately thought of nutmeg, cinnamon, and brown sugar...the staples of my kind of baking.  My mind wandered further thinking of a hot cup of coffee with a hint of vanilla cream and I was taken.  

The Latte ticking is 100% cotton and just as soft as the navy ticking.  The two ticking fabrics together are so complimentary and they all hold hands with the signature denim and soft neutral tones of Ciabatta, Pond, Basket, and Soap.   

Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market 

With summer clipping along quickly, the harvest season is right around the corner.  Autumn fruits are getting ready for their picking and the kitchen will be armed and ready to bake them into something wonderful.  Stop by my little shop and browse around - perhaps you will find the perfect "helper" for your baking plans or kitchen decorating.

The Blue Cupboard Bakery and Pantry towels make wonderful and unique gifts for so many occasions and I have received several emails from customers of them being shared with family and friends "just because".....they are made with love and look forward to adding even more warmth to your home.

Many other designs for The Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market are currently being developed and I will be equally excited to share them with you.  

As always, I love hearing from you and look forward to any comments, suggestions, or questions you may have.