Scent Branding | Part III

If you recall from my posts,  Scent Branding | Part I and Scent Branding | Part II, I began the journey of this branding type with little information pertaining to a small creative business and how to explore the scent branding arena.  Right or wrong, I found this process to work for me and hope that you too captured bits and pieces to apply to your own brand.

Let's get to the final details of this scent branding process and why the word "JOY" sums it all up!

My business started out smaller than this little Oak tree sprout.  We both had firm roots and big dreams...thus growth began.  Step by step, the plans slowly but surely fell into place.  As I stretched my creative muscles, I explored new areas of development and the common denominator in all of them was the "JOY" they brought when the new ideas came to fruition.

 Scent branding is emotional and we are all affected in different ways by different scents.  We each have our preferences in home fragrances and that is so perfectly evident when researching the fragrance options available in a wide variety of mediums.

Once I had identified my key scent requirements for my brand, finding the perfect scent vessel was next.  The next JOY factor was about the be discovered when I found the ideal option for phase one.

Having a strong respect for so many talented creative entrepreneurs, I know my limits when it comes be venturing into unknown territory.  I am not afraid to try new ideas but will quickly determine whether or not I have the time and ability to become "professional" in the craft at hand.  Sewing was a skill that I was eager to sharpen and with time and practice, I was pleased with the outcomes that I have shared with you on my Blue Cupboard Etsy shop.  Sewing unique and "purposeful" kitchen and home linens is a creative outlet I thoroughly love and am constantly designing and creating for.....but when it came to adding scented items to the brand, I wanted to leave that to the experienced and skilled crafts people.

Enter Monica.....

I have known Monica for many many years as I was very good friends with her older brother.  Growing up in the same neighborhood, I was so excited to connect with her again having moved back to my hometown and when I saw the beautiful soaps she makes, I knew instantly, she was the perfect partner to help grow my scent brand!

Fine soap making is a craft that is not only very technical, but takes much practice and dedication to refine.  Monica has done both EXTREMELY well!  We chatted briefly over the phone and set up a time to meet and talk further about my brand goals and how we could work together.  Since I LOVE to support and work with local creatives this was dream come true.  The meeting with her was so productive and exciting that the next steps are sure to be as wonderful as she and her soaps are.  

Monica studied my brand and blog and had so many suggestions for fragrances based on my needs and "scent" vision.  We talked about the pros and cons of fragrancing soaps, smelled unique and pure scent combinations, and chose three Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market scents that will be made into the most beautiful bars of cold-processed soaps I couldn't have imagined.  Monica is a stern believer in "sustainable" and "cruelty free" for her ingredients and her soap shop practices and success are reflective of that.

Can you feel my JOY from the scented soap meeting and the outcome?

I have received my first batch of Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market handmade soap from her and could not be any more delighted.  The soap's performance, scent, and color are beyond expectations.  Soft and moisturizing lather, wonderful scent without being overpowering, and a gorgeous "clean" feeling are just a few of the traits that I am so excited to put the Blue Cupboard name on.  The other two scented soaps will be ready in approximately 6 weeks to allow for proper cure time and the complete collection will debut in time for early Fall and the holidays!!

The Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market soaps are going to be the PERFECT compliment to the Essex Linen and denim towels and will be ideal for anyone, in any home, anywhere.  The next steps will involve packaging and one of my favorite things to do....photograph the products to introduce to the world! This blog started it's journey with photography and I am so ready to pick up the camera and flex that creative muscle again!!

Stay tuned as I will be launching a shopping page right on my blog for the soaps and other beautifully curated products!

Along with sewing, I have some new projects and baking in the plans and...

YES!....I WILL get at that cupboard I found!  Remember this??

Once I got that all cleaned out I came to a brick wall when deciding on how to finish it....but I think I may have the perfect idea....So many fun things on the docket and I can't wait to share them all with you....again I will say it....JOY!

Wishing each of you much joy as you start the week and as always, I love to hear from you!  Have you a favorite Fall or holiday fragrance that is your signature scent?  A new business project that you are celebrating?  Tell us all about it!