Scent Branding | Part II

During the development of  Scent Branding | Part I  , I was delighted by an  unexpected turn in the process.  Upon completing my initial three steps mentioned in that post, I revisited my entire brand and took a giant leap into a refreshing updated look and feel which more closely aligned with the brand's future.

Let's move on to Scent Branding | Part II

In Step one, I summarized my random notes in order of importance.  As I worked through this list I concentrated on what was important to me keeping in mind the next stages would involve many others and their opinions.  In order to keep the lists cohesive, I identified the top four attributes of each (in no particular order):

STEP ONE - Environment

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bakery/Coffee Shop
  3. Forests
  4. Lake shore

Each of these environments stem from memories of my Grandma and the Blue Cupboard.  Her kitchen was the first room you walked into in her house and there was always a familiar and warm scent that greeted you.  

Myself (and Grandma included) have a weakness for sweets and coffee, hence number two....

 The forest environment comes from my current home and the place that I love and where Blue Cupboard came to be.  We are surrounded by trees and wildlife that bring a special magic to every hour of the day.  

Lastly, is the lakeshore.  Growing up, many summers were spent at Grandma's and at the beach.  Although she couldn't swim, Grandma would sit on that hot sand for hours as my sister's and I enjoyed summer swimming fun.

STEP TWO - Scent Association

  1. Spices
  2. Herbal
  3. Baking
  4. Fresh air

Spices, whether sweet or savory, are always the first scent note I detect in any fragrance...

Next, herbal notes.  These are the fresh, clean, invigorating scents that I feel combine perfectly with the spicy aromas...

At number three, baking...sweet and warm....what more need I say....ahhhh....

And lastly, at number four, fresh and clean scents...specifically cotton and linen dried on the clothesline in a cool sunny breeze and pressed with linen water....

STEP THREE - Emotions

  1. Love
  2. Strength
  3. Kindness
  4. Respect

I believe that along with my parents, my Grandma instilled all four of these traits and emotions in me which surround me everyday of my life.

At number one, love reaches out in all areas of my world and is a major part of all that I live for...feelings of protection, elation, and contentment...

Strength is something I believe comes from handling and surviving all of life's challenges.  The challenges which bring on fear, shame, and sadness when feeling like a tiny cabin in a large woods.  What we learn from those challenges and how we "rise up" to take them on....brings on feelings of pride, accomplishment, and confidence.

Feeling gratitude from the kindness shared by others and being able to feel the response of our own kind gestures to others is beyond words....  

Lastly, respect...whether it comes from our manners, our graciousness, or sincere appreciation, this produces a solid foundation in all of our emotions....

With this core list, I was then able to dial in on the scents I wanted for Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market.  The individual scents are capable of being combined and mixed with others so that the underlying theme fits snugly within the brand.  The core elements include...

  1. Pear/Lemon
  2. Almond
  3. Cinnamon/Nutmeg/Clove
  4. Sage
  5. Parsley/Cilantro
  6. Juniper/Fir
  7. Rose/Peony

Now the real fun begins!  

My focus with this business was to stay as local as possible in regards to obtaining my supplies, etc. and as luck would have it, I have met and recently spoke to two amazingly talented creative entrepreneurs within a few miles of me who have refined their crafts in soap making and soy candles respectively.  We have made arrangements to meet and discuss not only their processes and products, but my brand scent vision and how we can incorporate that into a Blue Cupboard line of soaps and candles!  Because I respect the time and knowledge they have collectively, it makes perfect sense that I let them do their magic with my vision.....a beautiful partnership.  This also leaves me open to continue to design the linens and choose the perfect fabrics for sewing future items.  Perfect!

In Scent Branding | Part III, I will share highlights of these meetings, my gleaning of knowledge from their expertise, and how we will collectively create an exciting Blue Cupboard scented lineup to meld beautifully with the linens!

What are your thoughts on this process so far?  What have you done to choose your scented path?  Which scents speak most eloquently to you?

  I will be anxious to hear your comments, suggestions, or questions!  

Enjoy your week my friends!


OH! - one last thought to share....with my brand growing and the paths I am taking, it was vital that I enhance my site to allow for such changes.  My hope was to create a refreshed JoanMarie | Company and Blue Cupboard web experience that was warm, inviting, fresh, and clean.....sounds like scent branding huh? (smile)