"Squares n Soap"

I LOVE kitchen gadgets and kitchen towels.  With that, it was an easy decision to create the most perfectly beautiful kitchen towels I could for my new company, Blue Cupboard.  I wanted to think outside of the "kitchen towel" box by producing a product that was made from unique, purposeful and lovely fabrics.  If you would like to know more about the history of the "the blue cupboard" - click HERE...  

I also wanted to go the extra mile by giving each of them mitered corners perfectly sewn in place and a simple loop for hanging in case a hook was nearby.  Each towel would have a cotton Blue Cupboard sewn tag and the ragged edge would lend itself to a heirloom and purposeful feel.  I am loving the results!

Latte Ticking

It is now a good time to share an inside story about the "squares" as I am sure many of you will appreciate this incident.  Let me start by saying that sewing, although not completely foreign to me, is a craft that I had hardly touched.  I knew the look and feel I wanted for the Blue Cupboard towel line and was excited about experimenting with different fabrics.  I wanted the stitches to be sturdy and the mitered corners perfect. 

I played with denim (LOVE IT), played with linen/cotton blends (LOVE IT) and also with pure linen (um, kinda....) so off to the pattern and design phase.  I worked through several prototypes knowing that it would be a straightforward design and because I wanted to USE the towels to test their performance in our everyday household.  

Towels that could withstand drying tasks, cleaning tasks and a good machine wash and dry - these were paramount to success.  Adding to this, I wanted them to look gorgeous when hanging in the kitchen or draped in a bun basket or even as a table decoration for the centerpiece. I cut fabric, ironed hems, and mapped out mitered corners, my next step was to sit down at the sewing machine.  With each stitched hem, with each turning of the mitered corners and sewing of the tags, I held my breath and watched them develop before my eyes.  

My heart beat faster and I was in love with what was happening before me.  I completed the first towel and stood up to show hands heart business dream coming to life.....and he looked at me so warmly and said...

 " made a square..."




The room filled with just the sound of crickets..... 

This is that moment in life when you need to make a rapid fire decision on your reaction...I love this man and he was simply trying to show his enthusiasm based on his knowledge of kitchen towel production (obviously lack thereof..) I grimace and walk away?  Do I say something snarky in reply?  Or do I just club him with it?

I burst out laughing....I couldn't stop....we both laughed...the only thing I could say was "these are actually rectangles"....which resulted in even more laughing....

Grandma would have loved that did I.

Ever since that exact moment in time, they are lovingly referred to as "Squares" in our house and that is perfectly fine with me.

Next Up....

Blue Cupboard Soaps!!

Kitchen Towels + Bar Soap = Match Made In Heaven

The new custom line of handmade bar soaps for Blue Cupboard are in the process of being packaged.  The curing is complete and the outcome exceeds all of my expectations.  You may recall I found a phenomenal soap maker right in my hometown and she and I have successfully collaborated a wonderful addition to add to Blue Cupboard!

I stopped over to visit with Monica last night and we had a quick photo shoot of her soap making process along with a fun interview of how she started her business, her soap making ingredients and along with business goals, lessons learned in the entrepreneurial experience.  As we speak, I am compiling all of this information into a "soon to be released" post which I am positive you will enjoy. 

Monica uses Blue Cupboard towels in her home and convinced me to let her take some to a large craft fair she is showing at this weekend.  I am planning to stop by and take some photos of her and her booth set up to share with you as well.  Fingers crossed the rain stays away!

As a precursor to the soap line launch, I wish to share some quick highlights of them.  I will be setting up a shop right on this site for their debut and will keep you posted on the official launch date (VERY SOON!)

Monica and I created four unique and specific soaps for Blue Cupboard and we incorporated the Scent Branding process I posted earlier.  If you missed these you can find them here (  Part 1   Part 2    Part 3  ).



....a gorgeous prairie green with a clean, pure scent of sage and fresh air....


....a beautiful tan and barn red swirl sharing a fresh blend of farmhouse pantry cupboard spices....


....a neutral cream color with the warm scent of oat fields in the sunshine....


....a deep rich warm brown having the traditional and old-fashioned scent of fresh almonds....

Each of these soaps are made with luxurious moisturizing oils and due to the cold-process soap making method Monica uses, they each leave a delightful clean feeling without drying followed by a natural light scent. 

Working through the scent branding process and finding the perfect business collaborator with Monica, I want to keep the soap line fresh and ever-changing.  Each of the scents will be seasonal and limited in quantity.

The soap photo shoot and site shop development is happening this weekend and I plan to create some fun "sets" of Blue Cupboard towels and soaps for the perfect holiday gift.  Stay tuned for more updates as the excitement continues!!

As I appreciate and thank each of you for your visits to my blog and the support and encouragement of Blue Cupboard, I also love hearing from you.  Please share your thoughts below in the comments and have a wonderful weekend.