Weaver's Soap Company

Monica is a creative force to be reckoned with.  She has successfully accomplished so many goals and her vision is inspiring.  When she and I first began communicating about collaborating on a soap line, I was amazed at all of the areas this girl has explored.

Several years ago, Monica was intrigued by homemade soaps and tried many brands and types.  Not being satisfied with the results, Monica wanted to create her own that exceeded her expectations.   The process to find a formula that not only gave a pure clean feeling but also moisturized without feeling heavy - these traits were next on her list... 

With mountains of research under her belt, Monica developed her soap making recipes that contain pure sustainable moisturizing oils and skin safe fragrances.  She has also perfected the creative "swirled" tops on the soap loaves that leave her signature trademark look.

There are several ways to make soap and Monica prefers the cold-process method.  This is a process in which lye is mixed with precisely measured oils at the optimum temperature resulting in a "saponification" of ingredients .  Working with this old-fashioned process is truly an art and one that requires a strong attention to detail and safety.

You can see why I leave the soap creating to her....  

As I explained my vision to Monica for a Blue Cupboard soap line, the collaborating was an instant success.  She took the time to visit the blog, study the brand, and uses/loves the Blue Cupboard towels.  With this information in tow, Monica and I came up with the four soaps for Blue Cupboard that will be presented very soon!

As I watched Monica work through her soap making process, it was fun to see her process as she developed fragrances, colors and swirl designs.  We exchanged thoughts on new fragrances she was trying and also of those she prefers to work with for the best consistency.

Once the blended soap mixture has reached the perfect "trace", it is poured into molds to begin the set up process...

It is at this point that various fragrances will will change the color of the soap as it cures so it is important to really understand what the final outcome will be in order to create the perfect bar.  Having solid experience in this area, Monica will create special touches to each loaf that add color and texture depending on the ingredients and fragrances she is working with at the time...

As the soap is released from the molds, they are set up in a special "curing" area.  This allows the soap time to fully develop and harden into the bars she is famous for.  It is vital that the soap cure in an area of ideal air circulation and temperature...

When the bars are properly cured, Monica begins her packaging process.  She has a found a "breathable" shrink wrap that serves this purpose very well.  This allows the soaps are able to be handled and also to let the fragrance experience come through beautifully.

Weaver's Soap Company is based and made out of a workshop right next to their house.  She shares this space with her Husband, Matt who is a "chemical free" gardener and produces salsa, pickles, and other canned specialties.  

They also grow chemical-free Milkweed for the Monarch butterfiles Monica raises!

See what I mean?  Creative Entrepreneurs at their finest!

This past weekend, Monica brought some Blue Cupboard towels with her to a couple of shows she was attending.  It was so awesome to see the towels next to her soaps as we both agree when you wash your hands, ya gotta dry them off!

Monica credits her business success to simple hard work and dedication.  Having a vision and a dream combined with the energy to move it all forward has made her a true Creative Entrepreneur and one that I am very proud and fortunate to know and collaborate with.

Please pay Monica a visit at her Etsy site

Weaver's Soap Company

to see more of her beautiful creations that also include body butters, bath bombs, and body scrubs.

You can also visit her HERE on Facebook!

Be sure to connect up with her on her Etsy site as I know she would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Be prepared though....she has a magnetic personality, awesome sense of humor, and a big will want to visit awhile...

Monica @ Weaver's Soap Company

Monica @ Weaver's Soap Company


I hope you have enjoyed an "insider" peak into this Creative Entrepreneur and her process and how by sending a simple email to a former neighbor has led to a fun business buddy, product collaborator and most importantly, a wonderful friend.

Until next time...