Change is good...

It seems perfect timing with all of the changes in the weather and landscape this time of the year that I should be embracing personal change as well.  Changes have occurred not only in my full time career but also to my personal business goals, direction and dreams.

I began Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market with so many thoughts and ideas.  It was at that time I also accepted that these plans would evolve, sway in direction, and happily change as we moved forward.  This is what made the leap into owning a creative business easy to do.  When we march straight ahead down the carved path, the scenery gets lost...loses color....becomes plain.  BUT when we veer off, whether a hard turn or gradual bend, suddenly we get energized.  We see new colors, new patterns, new surroundings.  We meet new people, we exchange ideas along the way and we start thinking along new lines.

This is change....change that is inevitable and change that is good.  EMBRACE IT!!

I LOVE making dish, kitchen and tea towels (whatever you wish to call them) and for whatever reason, I have chosen to believe that there are unique ways of creating them.  Unique ways of using them, and most importantly, fun ways to share them.  Many thanks to those lovely customers who have visited my Etsy shop for a visit or purchased kitchen towels for themselves or gifts.  Customers who have left wonderful feedback on their experience and for those who have "favorited" my little shop.  I hope you are using and loving the Blue Cupboard towels as much as I have enjoyed creating them.  I love ironing hems.  I love ironing and pinning the mitered corners, I love sewing on the labels.

Just plain love it.

I also love beautiful photography.  Still life images are especially appealing to me.  I am captured by coffee table design books and decor magazines and enjoy planning a photo shoot from the inspiration they instill.  Having a great little studio to bring my photography vision to life is a blessing and an area where my mind can be free to imagine the image stories.

So what is the takeaway from this information Joan?  

This blog and business are about to change.  I will be developing an ecommerce page right on (this very blog) and that change will allow for so much more creative freedom.  I will be slowly phasing out the Etsy site over the next few days so that I can share so many more wonderful handmade products from so many talented creative folks right here, at home, including NEW Blue Cupboard towels.  Interviews with these creative marvels and photography to showcase their creations will be an extra bonus as I know they have insight we can all learn from.    

Having an opportunity to continue to expand photography skills and to share the results (good and bad) will be a strong focus of the site and I would encourage you to share your journey with photography in the comments below or via email.  Whether it is food, still life, design/interior, diy...or any other photography niche, let's explore the easiest ways to get our cameras off of "Auto" and share our knowledge together!  It is my hope to take you deeper into this process with me.  By having all of Blue Cupboard | Purposeful Market solely on my site, I will be able to share so much more with you and vice versa.  I will bring you useful information, fabulous products, and a few surprises along the way.  

Change is inevitable...Change is good...

There will be a special announcement coming this Sunday evening (9/25) sharing even more information about the upcoming weeks progression.  This will also be a great opportunity to subscribe to this site via email to receive insider info on upcoming specials, giveaways, and new happenings on this site.

Ok, I am a realist and I know that all good things take time.  That, my friends, is where having full control of my grand vision on this site will allow me to proceed in a solid manner.  Purposeful handmade in the USA products that are created with the highest attention to detail will be offered along with the stories of the creators.  A no-holds barred approach to networking!  Sharing not only myself but the products and stories of others.  If you are interested in talking to me further about your creative product or business or know someone who may be, please send me an email.  I would love to talk with you further.

The Blue Cupboard Etsy site will only be open for a few more days as I transition my lineup over to this site.  If you have a product request you'd like to share, please leave a comment or email me - this makes change even more fun...agree?  Yep, I knew you would (smile).

All of the images in this post were taken by me when I just messing around in the studio.  Nothing planned, staged, or set up.  Just grabbed my camera and started taking photos of whatever grabbed my attention.  It was a great time to say "let it flow"...nothing forced or started with any expectations.  Just the camera and I....and my thoughts....and, you guessed it....change.

Stay tuned dear readers if you please and start this new fork in the road with me.  Your thoughts, comments, suggestions, critiques, .....all of them are welcome and so much appreciated.

Have a great rest of your day and I will look forward to popping in again soon...Sunday night remember?? (smile again)