Cedar | Ball Jar {and a new venture}

After a busy Thanksgiving weekend, I finally found some time to work on the zinc dining room chairs.  I provided a glimpse of them 


 and so far am very pleased with the outcome.  I will be sharing them in a post in the very near future!

In my usual style, I avoided Black Friday shopping at the mall but did treat myself to something I have been wanting to try for a very long time.  Not only did I get Lightroom CC up and running but also purchased some awesome Lightroom Presets (The Studio Collection) from the amazing Kim Klassen.  Her

Blog - Kim Klassen dot COM

 is packed with an incredible amount of inspiration and talent - I highly encourage to visit her if you haven't already!!  She has such a peaceful spirit and incredibly beautiful site!

With my new "goodies" I started to plan a quick shoot.  Creating images with glass objects has always perplexed me.  Some shots are too shiny and reflective while others can appear flat and uninteresting.  If the object is filled with flowers, the flowers take center stage and can enhance the glass being used as a vase.  If the glass container is holding colored liquids (i.e. milk, coffee, caramel sauce….) the color enhances the container.  So, how do I take images of a beautiful large Ball jar with neither flowers nor liquid?

I had an idea…….and gave it a whirl.  

Our home is near a river and nestled among birch, pine, maple, and oak trees.  Imagine my excitement when I discovered a cedar tree near the house and the low hanging branches that would not miss a quick snip or two of the beautiful greenery.

Here is an unedited Pull-Back shot of the setting in my 4x4 Studio

I started the set up with a very small wooden fruit crate to use as a table.  Next I placed the Ball jar with the zinc lid leaning against the front.  I took the prettiest cedar branch from the clippings and plunked it in the jar.  No liquid or filler as I just wanted a branch with some greenery to accent the greenish-blue tone of the jar.

With a few scatterings of cedar bits at the base, the scene was complete.  This is the first image with a simple black piece of tag board 

For the next shot I used my favorite rusty sheet of steel in the background.  I was happy with the way a small amount of light was hitting the jar without being too overbearing so decided not to use a bounce card at all.  The color variations and the rust spot in the corner gave the whole image a nice composition. 

Now that I LOVE using my tripod and fully appreciating how this takes my shake out of the equation, I am sold.  I will most certainly take more photos free hand in the future but for now, this is working wonderfully.

Next Up.......PRESETS FUN!!

With just a small window of time, I edited these to share using Kim Klassen's Studio Presets Collection and I am having a blast!



As always, I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Have a wonderful day!