Blue Cupboard History

A blue cupboard with a all started at a farmhouse that my Grandparents shared with my Great Grandparents.  

Two headstrong women sharing a kitchen in the days before custom cabinetry.....

My Grandma LOVED the color red and my Great Grandma would have nothing to do with red in any area of the house


the kitchen.

My Grandpa built this blue cupboard for my Grandma so that she could have a special place for her things in the shared household....

My understanding is everyone agreed the blue color would be a nice compromise and the cupboard served it purpose for many years.  It wasn't until years later when I inherited the cupboard that I asked about it's history.  It never dawned on my the significance of the color scheme until you opened the door.  It was then I realized how much my Grandpa loved my Grandma that he secretly did this for her....

At the end of the day, my Grandma did get her red cupboard in the kitchen and I can only imagine how the rest of the story went each time she opened the door when my Great Grandma was around.  I am not certain how long they shared the farmhouse before moving into their own home as my Grandpa died very early (my Mom was only about 2 years old).  Having two children quite young and now a widow, she had a house built for the three of them and never remarried.  

The blue cupboard was in her basement for as long as I can remember and my sisters and I played "house" with it when visiting at Grandma's.  I'm sure it functioned as our refrigerator or oven and not once did any of us realize just how much love was painted into that red color.

Now that the cupboard is mine, I absolutely love the many layers of blue paint and of course, the deep true red that is painted on the inside.  It is quite heavy so I have placed it on top of a wheeled platform to make moving easier and have used this in just about every room in the houses I have had over the years.  

Someday I will share this story with my Granddaughter and give this cupboard to her.  She too will feel the love each time she opens the door and will share the story with her children.

To my Grandma - one of the most incredibly wonderful, loving, strong, independent and generous woman I have ever known ....I am taking good care of our cupboard.



PS.....I have been really struggling with my "primitive light" these past two weekends as our weather has been wet, dark, and dreary.  I see this clearly in the amount of adjustments I had to make in Lightroom on so many images I had taken.  That being said....

I had to dig deep into "self-teaching" on my cameras manual settings and actually learned quite a bit.  I have read various manuals, etc. and it came right down to:

1.  Take a photo

2.  Change the setting

3. Repeat

You get the idea.

Being the "visual" person that I am, I am planning to share with you my discoveries on the various manual DSLR settings as actual photo examples helped me so very much.  Seeing the changes the different settings made sure made learning more fun and gave me even more confidence with my camera.  I am in the process of beginning to compile the information and hope to begin a series presentation shortly after the holidays.

If there is a particular area in your camera settings that have puzzled you, let me know in the comments below and I will be sure to add the information to the upcoming posts.

Any and all comments/suggestions are so welcome and I look forward to hearing from you!




Adirondack Girl at Heart