Simple and Raw Photographic Style

Being drawn to certain colors, textures, and materials all play a part in the make up of our personal  "style"

Developing and sharing a "style" in photography is an ongoing lesson and transformation....

Apart from learning the camera's settings and how they all work together, creating a scene or setting for the images is equally exciting.  Once the overall look or outcome is a vision in the mind, the process of prop gathering, crafting, and composition begin.

My style comes extracted from the books I read, nature, history, and the vintage pieces I surround myself with.

It may be a color that grabs my attention, a texture in an old fabric, or even a rust pattern on old metal.  These factors will catch the eye and suddenly we "feel" the image. We scan the entire image gathering all of the details as simple as they may be.

An unfinished chair, a raw wood stool, and several of the books I cherish sum up the initial look and feel of my developing photographic style - unfinished and raw....

That is my photographic "style" goal.  To grab your attention and create a pause........ with just the "simple".

I LOVE coming upon a deserted house or barn out in the middle of no where and am in awe over its history.  Who built this house? Who lived there?  What was life like for them?

I immediately think of a photo shoot in those environments and the raw, unfinished feel those photos would have.  Some images cold, some intriguing, some haunting, some melancholy.

My ideal setting would be an abandoned factory that used to greet workers at all hours of the day.  The stained concrete floors, the paint chipped walls, and large metal gears and tools laying about.  A place now silent where constant noise and motion were the norm.

  What a wonderfully exciting studio that would be. 


But for now, I have my camera, my quiet studio, vintage finds, and raw, unfinished projects.

Simple backdrops, stained concrete floors, and quiet colors.....

All coming together with a little history, imagination, and feeling.....

All will be quiet here on the blog over the holidays.  Simple, quiet, and waiting to awaken in the New Year.

I wish a wonderful, magical, and Merry Christmas to each of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get this blog vision off to such a fantastic start.  Also for contributing to the excited feeling of confidence to plan for the future and to continue to learn.

Blessings to all,


Back Again Right After Christmas!