A Habitat For Photography


noun  hab·i·tat \ˈha-bə-ˌtat\

the place or type of place where a plant or animal (or in our naturally or normally lives or grows

How perfect is this word for my blog !!

A home....a place....where natural and normal growth are the result.


Blueberry still life on weathered wood -

Blueberry still life on weathered wood -

Several years ago, six to be exact, I had my first photography experience.  Since that time, I have become more and more absorbed with this passion.  Yes, I use the word "passion" because it is more than just a hobby or way to pass the time.

Having a blog (my photography Habitat) makes the photography experience that much more meaningful due to the new friendships, passing along inspiration, and creating something through a lens and sharing it online. In other words, a place where photography naturally lives or grows.

You may recall in my last post, Sweet and Savory Change, I talked about a change that was on the horizon....well, that change has come to fruition.

The change all started with me....

Me in my "habitat"....with the ever present turtleneck!

Me in my "habitat"....with the ever present turtleneck!

This is me and let me preface this with "I am MORE comfortable behind the camera than in front of it!

I appreciate having a face to pair with a name and felt you might too.

On to the blog revitalization's....

As I revisited everything I enjoyed about the blogging experience to date, I started making a list of the areas that I wanted to improve in order to provide better content for you, become more "professional" and hopefully, more effective in my goals.  I don't believe that any forward movement happens without taking a first step, no matter how nerve-wracking or scary it may be ( photo...ahem...) so onward I went with a list of goals and dreams in hand.

The best way to begin sharing the recent enhancements with my blogging goals starts with my Squarespace site.  I played around with different templates and at the end of the day decided that my current Squarespace template "Skye" is working perfectly fine.  It has the main features that I need and with some subtle tweaking, the missing functionality gaps were closed.

Golden Apples -

Golden Apples -

I started by revisiting the actual site layout as I needed a strong foundation for what was to come next.  There was never a moment so divine in my blogging experience when I discovered how to grow, enhance, and be unique in my niche.  I think determining an area of focus is one of the hardest parts of blogging.  Knowing where I wanted to make the biggest impact without spreading too thin and becoming transparent was highly important to me.  In hindsight, my experience with blogging to date has led me to where I am now.  Could I have gotten here without that?  Personally, I don't believe so.

These are my objectives with this blog:

  1.   Provide unique, useful and intriguing content for all things food and still life photography  

  2.   Further develop my business and brand and increase my online tech skills

  3.   Share each step of the process with my readers - be an INSPIRATION and RESOURCE

Two major (behind the scenes) blog changes included successfully completing a "Content Marketing" certification which gave me the courage to take a GIANT leap into Affiliate Marketing! 

Gorgeous weathered green handle -

Gorgeous weathered green handle -

The Content Marketing certification reminded me of the best ways to share information and to tell a great story in order to be meaningful and relevant to you.  With so much online content available today, I needed to find a fresh path to grow in this habitat.

Soon after, I began studying SEO practices and I finally dove into learning more about Affiliate Marketing.   Educating myself on how to do this properly while holding true to my beliefs ( blog advertising likes and dislikes) is exciting.  Being able to share product information on those products and services I personally use and recommend opens so many  brand recognition doors!

The next change involved a "Landing Page" revisit.  Having had the chance to really understand a landing page's function, it was nice to bring that back to the blog.  My intention with the landing page is that when you arrive here, you know immediately what this blog focus is and also has an instant opportunity for you to connect with questions and/or feedback!  I like to equate this to having a welcoming porch with flowers and lemonade for your visit.

Next up in the revitalization effort...

Realizing the strongest and most meaningful niche I will be focusing on...

Food and Still Life Photography 

What makes this so profoundly important to me is that discovering this niche closed the loop on the last six years of my photography experience.  Once this was discovered, the topics I want to share just poured out.  I wanted this blog to be more than images, random thoughts, and scattered ideas put in post form and to stretch the these information limits by providing you with more meaningful content.  Content that will give you "takeaways", content that will encourage, inspire, and motivate you.  Content you will want to revisit and share again and again.

Radishes on weathered wood -

Radishes on weathered wood -

I want to explore making videos, I want to develop a way to show you my prop hunting scores and how I envision using them, styling "sets" based on a theme and the shooting processes.   To show how I set up my shoots and play with all kinds of lighting for experimental looks.  Along with all of this, I want to explore different photography styles such as "gorgeous grey" and "dark and moody"and to keep you informed on exciting new trends in food and still life photography! 

I want to personally invite you on this journey by showcasing your food and still life photography passion.  You are reading and sharing my story and in turn I want to read and share yours!  Please please please get in touch with me if you would like to be featured on my blog - we can cater a post that really tells your story!

Sounds good right?


Quite a bit of information has been shared with you in this post and I am so excited about what is to come!!      

  I would love if you would share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below or sending me an email.  Also be sure to sign up for my upcoming blog post announcements in the sidebar on the right and check out my Pinterest and Instagram feeds!!

We are all going no where but UP!!

Many warm thanks to each of you,